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Board Resolution

Board resolutions are gone by the members of the corporate i.e., the individuals who include their names on the register of members of the corporate. These company resolutions are legally binding decisions made by the members (shareholders or guarantors) or directors of a Ltd.They’re required when formal decisions got to be made on matters beyond the scope of day-to-day business operations, like appointing or removing a director or altering the articles of association.

Under the businesses Act 1956, there are two sorts of resolutions. They are:

  1. Ordinary Resolution
  2. Special Resolution

An ordinary resolution applies to a resolution adopted by an easy majority of members of the organization. On the opposite hand, a special resolution is an agreement, approved by a three-fourth majority of the business members.

Ordinary Resolution

As per the provisions of Section 114 (1) of the businesses Act 2013, “A resolution shall be a standard resolution if the notice required under this Act has been duly given and it’s required to be gone by the votes cast, whether on a show of hands, or electronically or on a poll, because the case could also be , in favor of the resolution, including the vote , if any, of the Chairman, by members who, being entitled so to try to to , choose person, or where proxies are allowed, by proxy or by postal ballot, exceed the votes, if any, cast against the resolution by members, so entitled and voting.”

In other words, the resolutions which are passed at a general meeting by an easy majority are called ordinary resolutions, i.e., where the votes cast for the resolution is quite the votes cast against the resolution.

Matters Requiring Ordinary Resolution as per Company Act 2013

Special Resolution

As per the provisions of Section 114 (2) of the businesses Act 2013, a resolution shall be a special resolution when:

Therefore, generally , Special Resolution may be a resolution during which the votes cast in favor of the resolution must be 3 times above the votes cast against it. There are certain things, which may be done by the corporate as long as a special resolution is affirmed at the duly constituted general meeting. The notice of the overall meeting should be duly given to the members, and therefore the notice should contain the intention to purpose the resolution as Special Resolution to be mentioned specifically.

Matters Requiring Special Resolution as per Company Act 2013