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ITR-6 Form

What is the ITR-6 Form?

Companies aside from companies claiming exemption under section 11 must furnish their tax return in ITR-6 Form.

What are the businesses claiming exemptions under section 11?

Companies claiming exemption under section 11 are those whose income from property is held for charitable or religious purposes.

E-filing audit reports

If the assessee is responsible for Audit u/s 44AB and therefore the accounts are audited by an accountant, the small print of such audit report,auditor alongside the date of furnishing it to the department electronically has got to be provided.

What is the structure of the ITR-6 Form?

The Form has been divided into two parts and a number of other schedules:

Schedules as mentioned below

Tax payments:
1. Details of payments of Advance Tax and Self-Assessment Tax
2. Details of Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) on Income (As per Form 16A/16B/16C)
3. Details of Tax Collected at Source (TCS)

The 42 schedules are:

Key changes within the ITR-6 Form

The key changes within the ITR-6 Form in AY 2020-21 are summarised below:

Key changes within the ITR-6 Form

The key changes within the ITR-6 Form in AY 2019-20 are summarised below:

How do I fill out the ITR-6 Form?

Sequence for filling out parts and schedules

The tax Department advises assesses to follow the sequence mentioned below while filling out the tax return.

• Part A
• Schedules
• Part B
• Verification

How do I file my ITR-6 Form?

This tax return has got to be compulsorily furnished electronically under digital signature to the tax Department.

No annexures required

No document (including TDS certificate) should be attached with this return form while filing ITR-6.Taxpayers are advised to match the taxes deducted/collected/paid by or on behalf of them with their decrease Statement Form 26AS.