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Offer Letter for employees

 “An offer Letter or Job offer letter email may be a formal way of offering employment to a prospective employee or to shortlisted job Applicant” Offer Letter also referred to as Letter of Intent also written from employer to employee.
In general, the work offer letter or email is shipped or issued by the employer to the finally selected candidate who has been interviewed and located suitable for the utilization with the organization. it’s a politician confirmation for selection for the work applied and interviewed for, followed with an in depth Appointment Letter which incorporates detailed employment terms and condition with the corporate policies and procedures with eligibility criteria of verious employment benefits . Job Offer letter is shipped by an employer to employee which ensure and guarantee the work and employment therein organization which has released the offer letter, sending a suggestion letter is additionally a compulsory a part of Recruitment process of any company.
The Job Offer Letter email is additionally popularly referred to as Letter of Intent is for confirming the appointment for employment is extremely important and official requirement for a candidate also who has been selected for a specific Job in a corporation . The candidate, on the receipt of the offer letter from the attitude employer, will plan and follow the further proceedings like resigning from the present job, completing the task handover, getting clearance or relieving letter from the employer etc. of these documents are required to be submitted to the new employer at the time of joining.

14 details to make Best Offer Letter Format :

1. Letter Should be written on Company Letterhead or Official Email Id should be wont to send employment offer through official Email id.

2. Date of issuance

3. Full Name Selected candidate.

4. Complete and Right Address.

5. Designation or Position offered

6. Reporting Manager

7. Date of Joining.

8. List of Documents required at the time of Joining.

9. Remuneration / Salary offered with Break-up ( Now a day’s Cost to Company in an Annexure )

10. Place of Joining (HO, RO or at Plant etc.)

11. Time to Report ( Add office Timing )

12. Contact Person at the time of Joining

13. Guidelines for the utilization Terms & conditions

14. Welcoming and joining note and needs.

At last, it’s important to say the prospects and therefore the value this new employee will increase the prevailing team by joining the organization and also offer availability just in case of any longer or related clarification / information required to know the work offer made by the corporate . The new employee must feel happy, valued and motivated to hitch from the receipt of this letter itself.

The prospective new employee has got to undergo with all the points mentioned within the offer and with make his / her reply accordingly of accepting or declining on the work offered.

What is a proper job offer letter?

After you’ve got found the right candidate and presented a verbal job offer, it’s time to send the official job offer letter. this is often normally sent out through email before the background check and signing the legitimate employee contract. The offer letter allows the candidate to understand the bulk of the contingencies of the position and therefore the company to make a decision if they’re going to accept the offer or not.

If the candidate agrees to your offer, they’re going to sign the letter and return it back to the corporate .it’s important to know that this offer letter is break away the worker contract and it’s not always a legally binding employment contract . However, it’s still an honest idea to possess a legal professional look over the offer letter before sending it bent a candidate to avoid any legal mishaps.

What does a suggestion letter comprise of?

An offer letter is comprised of the foremost important details of the role and company that a candidate considers when accepting employment offer. These include:

• Company address and hiring manager info

• Job title

• Start date and work Schedule

• Compensation and benefits

• Company and employee Policies.

You will want to start by putting your company logo within the top corner of the letter or using the official letterhead of your company to demonstrate that it’s a politician document.

In the upper left-hand corner, include the date, the candidate’s first and surname , and their address:


• Candidate First and surname

• Candidate Address

• City, State, Zip


you’ll want to deal with the potential employee with the formal greeting of “Dear,” followed by their first and surname . Next you ought to applaud them for reaching this stage within the hiring process and offer the work with a positive and eye catching line like “We are excited to supply you an edge at [Company Name]!” you’ll make this line as formal or casual as you wish , counting on your company’s culture.

Job Description

subsequent step is to briefly describe the role that you simply are offering at you company and therefore the specifics of the position. this could include the formal title of the position, the anticipated start date, full- or part-time status, the office location, their manager/supervisor, and a quick description of the role and its responsibilities. (Source: Indeed)


it’s important to notice any contingencies which will depend upon the potential employee formally receiving the work like filling out important documentation or passing a drug test.


the foremost important part for many employees are going to be the section focused on compensation. it’s here where the compensation package must be clearly and accurately explained. Include specific details about what proportion the candidate are going to be making on an annual or hourly basis, how often they’re going to get paid, and therefore the available payment methods. you’ll also touch on equity, bonuses, commission structures if applicable to the role. (Source: Indeed)

At-will Statement

To stop any contractual obligations confirm to incorporate an at-will statement which will allow the worker or the corporate to terminate the utilization at any point or any time for any reason. this is able to be the simplest time to urge legal consultation in order that the wording is accurate.


 Here is your chance to draw in the worker to signing the offer letter by listing the advantages they’re going to receive by performing at your company. Be brief because these are often expanded more upon during their on-boarding cycle. Examples include 401K options, insurance plans, and company culture.

Expiration Date

When finishing the letter, decide if your company wants to place a deadline on receiving a response. this may put a way of urgency and importance on the letter. It could also save your company time if the candidate doesn’t plan to sign and provides you the chance to seek out other qualified candidates.


 End your offer letter by expressing excitement about welcoming the candidate to the team. Provide contact information just in case they need questions, and include a line for the candidate to sign and date the offer if they prefer to accept. (Source: Indeed)