Appointment Letter For Employees

“Qualified Candidate “means a Candidate or employment Applicant who has applied for the work within the organization and has qualified all the round of interviews and eventually being selected by the Management to supply employment to figure with the organization.As it is a politician letter therefore the appointment letter format should be formal and must get on company’s letterhead.Usually, Appointment Letter issued to the candidate well before his / her Joining in order that the candidate can undergo with all aspects of job offering with all other terms and condition thoroughly and may also tender his/ her Acceptance back upon by signing a replica copy of the Appointment Letter and submit back to the employer as a token of acceptance for record and every one other future references.

Appointment Letter Format

A well crafted Appointment Letter Format must give full disclosure to all or any employment clauses and other terms and conditions offered from the employer’s side in order that the candidate convey his / her joining date by accepting all term and conditions. The followings Points should be covered in a perfect appointment letter format:
1. Company’s Letterhead with name & address of the organization (employer)
2. Issuance Date of the Appointment Letter
3. Full Name and address of the Candidate
4. Job Title / Position offered
5. Job Role & responsibilities
6. Nature of Job
7. Permanent b. Temporary C. Contractual
8. Office timing
9. Annual & Monthly salary
10. Perks and Benefits
11. Employment Terms & Conditions
12. Brief of varied company policies
13. Reference or attachment of Employee Handbook or HR Manual
14. Time length of the contract / Appointment ( if any)
15. Date of joining
16. Checklist of Documents got to be submitted at the time of joining
17. Security requirements
18. Commitment or declaration
19. Provision regarding termination
The highly coveted Letter of Appointment….!! it’s the sunshine at the top of the recruitment tunnel. all of your preparation, all the strain , all the calls and every one the rounds of interviews was done to urge this…this little, but oh so important piece of paper. a meeting letter may be a document given to a professional candidate who will soon be used in a corporation where he/she applied.
Before we proceed it’s worth mentioning that the term appointment letter can have two different implications. When people speak of appointment letter they more often than not ask a meeting letter from a corporation to employee, confirming employment. But a meeting letter can also mean a letter written requesting for a meeting .for instance while applying for a visa a private will write a letter for appointment request to schedule the visa appointment. The visa appointment letter sample below will help clarify the difference.
Now back to the letter of appointment. in any case the formalities of the recruitment process are completed and verified, and therefore the candidate is chosen , the corporate will issue a meeting letter for the work .The job appointment letter for a replacement employee puts formally, and in writing all else that was discussed at the time of employment. It clarifies and fills within the blanks, any questions or details the worker should have about the work and provides him/her a transparent idea about the daily work and day to day responsibilities expected of him/her.

How To Write A Meeting Letter?

If you discover yourself within the position of getting to write down a meeting letter for somebody here are a few things to recollect.
Appointment letters are always printed on the letterhead of the corporate and signed by the Management, HR Manager or the person authorized to rent the candidate.
The appointment letter format should follow a proper business format because it’s a legally binding document. the work appointment letter marks the start of an employee’s journey and will signify the origin of something new and exciting. The tone of the letter should instill expectations but clearly present the prescribed terms of employment.
Open on a congratulatory note and end with a warm welcome, but confirm the body of the letter contains the precise details of the offer. Remember to say essential start information, like job title, start date, start time, office location, rate of pay and therefore the name of the immediate superior. If the corporate requires background checks for brand spanking new employees, before employment, confirm that this is often stated clearly within the letter. it might be an honest idea to let your legal team have a fast glance at the letter before you send it to the candidate.

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