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Digital Signature Certificate

Digital signature certificate is certificate that certifies the identity of person. A DSC (Digital signature certificate) authenticate electronic documents in a manner handwritten signature authenticate printed documents. A Digital signature is issued by the certification authority (CA’s) which is being signed by CA’s private key.

Benefits of Digital signature

You will No longer have to wait for authorities for their signature for various purposes. Digital signature (DSC) ensures the cost of time on documents required to be signed with on click. With DSC documents can be signed from anywhere.

Many companies specially focused on cost saving part on their expenses, ink paper and printing and scanning, currier and travel expenses. There are also various saving into indirect cost such as filling, data encryption and tracking.

With Quick Action of signature on various required documents ensures the proper workflow efficiency.

Digital signature certificate (DSC) validate the signature authenticity

Controller of certifying Authority (CCA) for Digital Signature Certificate

As per section 18 of IT Act 2000, provides legal sancity to Digital Signature Based on asymmetric cryptosystems. Digital Signature (DSC) is accepted on legal electronic documents that have been digitally signed as treated as legal Authenticity of signature.
IT Act 2000 provides rights to Controller of certifying Authority (CCA) to provide license for issuing authority And Regulate working of certifying Authority.

Points to Remember

Document Required for Digital Signature (DSC)

Documents Required for Indian Nationals

The following documents must be submitted by the Indian nationals while applying for Digital Signature Certificate.

Identity Proof

Address Proof

Procedure for Digital Signature certificate (DSC) Application

Rs. 800/-

Digital Signature Certificate

 Class 3 Valid for 2 years

Rs. 1300/-

Digital Signature certificate

Class 3 Valid for 2 years

Rs. 3000/-

Digital Signature Certificate Organization

Class 3 Valid for 2 years