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Copyright Application

A copyright is actually a right to not copy someone’s work. A copyright gives the owner of the topic a prerogative over his work. If a piece is protected by copyright, nobody can imitate, copy or reproduce the first add the other way. The term of copyright in India is 60 years.

Copyright are often taken for the subsequent works:

The register of the Registrar of Copyrights is split into 6 categories:

Copyrights are protected by “THE COPYRIGHT ACT, 1957” though there have several amendments to the act.

Why should one get their work registered under the copyright law?

It is not mandatory to urge copyright protection but always advisable to try to do so because it’ll give the owner a particular set of minimum rights over his work and therefore the protection that nobody is going to be ready to copy his work for a minimum period of your time. This satisfaction will always motivate the owner to try to do more work and make more items.

What is the procedure to get a copyright registration?

To obtain the copyright registration the subsequent process has got to be followed:

Basic Requirements for Copyright Registration

Registration under Copyright Act will protect any sort of artistic creations or property . It gives both the Economic & Ethical Rights to the first creator.

Documents Required for Copyright Registration

Rs. 12,899/-

Copyright registration for logos, books, periodicals and magazines.

Rs. 14,899/-

Copyright registration for videos, audio recording and cinematography films.

Rs. 18,899/-

Copyright registration for logos, books, periodicals, magazines,videos, audio recording, cinematography films with trademark registration.