Online Trademark Rectification Filing

About-Trademark-Symbols-TM-SM-R-and-C image

About Trademark Symbols TM, SM, R and C

Form TM-A, Trademark Registration

How to respond to a Trademark Objection image setupfilings

How to Respond to a Trademark Objection

ISO Benefits and standards img

ISO Certification Benefits And Standards


All About Trademark Registration Process Procedure

Trademark Opposition Setupfilings blog

Opposition of a trademark and rectification of the Trademark Registration

Online trademark registration setupfilings

Trademark Registration – Online Application, Types Symbols of TM India


8 Questions to Ask a for Trademark Registration process

Trademark class 45

Trademark Class 45: Legal services; Security services

Trademark class 44

Trademark class 44: Medical services; Veterinary services

Trademark class 43

Trademark class 43: Services for providing food and drink

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