How to Achieve ISO 20000-1:2018 Compliance for Your Business

It is an international standard for service management that applies to all service providers regardless of size, type, or nature of services provided.

The Advantages of ISO 20000-1: 2018 Certification

Improved credibility for suppliers: This certification provides enterprises with credibility that they would not otherwise have. The reason for the certification is that it is an international standard in service management, which is why it has been recognized all over the world and demonstrates that the certified business associates follow best practices and have completely compliant SMS. A clear example of the value of ISO certification is when a government body requires suppliers submitting tenders for new work to be ISO 20000-1 certified.

Proactive service management:

ISO Certification 20000-1 certification tends to give value to consumers whose expectations are constantly rising. To keep customers happy, service management must move away from traditional incident management, which focuses on addressing something that has been reported as broken and fixing anything that may have a negative impact on the consumer. “An occurrence that has not yet disrupted customer service,” according to ISO 20000-1.

Positive cultural change:

ISO Certification 20000-1 assists enterprises in changing their culture and working with their entire workforce. Blaming and pointing fingers are reduced in particular because everyone is urged to take ownership of services rather than putting it on the IT department.

Cost reduction:

 Proactive service management supports in the avoidance of costly issues and errors, as well as the seamless execution of transactions. Aside from incident reduction, less money is spent on assistance and less is lost due to business disruptions as they become less frequent or, in some cases, can be prevented together.


The inclusion of a leadership team in the management system guarantees that the entire organization understands the service management requirements and is driven by the support. It aids in the achievement of an organization’s objectives and goals.

  • The ISO 20000-1 specification defines the standards that a company must follow in order to establish, implement, manage, and improve SMS. This document outlines how to meet service demands through planning, designing, transitioning, delivering, and improving services, and it can be used by:
  • A customer seeks services and requires assurance about the quality of such services.
  • A client expects a consistent approach to service from all service providers, including those in a supply chain; and
  • A company must demonstrate its ability to plan, design, transfer, deliver, and improve services.
  • Any persons or organizations who execute conformity assessments in accordance with the requirements outlined in this document.
  •  A service management training provider or advise

This internationally recognized ISO 20000-I best practice framework for an SMS aids in the provision of consistent and dependable service. It aids in the integration of a service life cycle plan into your organization by giving best practice guidelines on how to manage your services portfolio in order to keep it current.

How to implement 20000-1:2018?

• Get commitment and strong backing from senior management;

• Engage your entire organization through good internal communication; and

• Do not forget to compare existing IT service management processes with ISO 20000-1 system criteria.

• Get input from users, suppliers, and customers on current IT service management provision.

• Form an implementation team to achieve the greatest results.

• Define roles, duties, and time constraints.

• Follow the ISO 20000-1 core principles.

• Provide training and provide incentives to your employees to encourage participation.

• Evaluate your ISO 20000-1:2018 system on a regular basis to ensure that it is constantly improving.

How Can I Obtain ISO 20000-1:2018 Certification?

Analysis of ISO 20000-1:2018 gaps:

An optional service performed in your home prior to the assessment appointment. The ISO 20000-requirements and your present information SMS are compared. It will be cost-effective to work on any issues before conducting the formal assessment.

Formal assessment:

Initially, the readiness of your organization for the assessment is evaluated by reviewing the ISO 2000-1:2018 procedures and controls that have been developed. If any holes are discovered, the organization will be notified so that they can be filled. Second, once all standards have been met, the organization’s procedural implementation and controls will be evaluated to ensure that the enterprise is operating successfully as necessary for ISO 20000-1: 2018 certification.


Following acquiring the certificate, the ISO consultant will come to your location to inspect your ongoing progress.

By obtaining ISO 20000-1 certification, you can demonstrate to clients and stakeholders your dedication to providing a high-quality service. This certification allows you to celebrate your accomplishments, promote your brand, and demonstrate that you are a responsive organization that acts in accordance with the changing service delivery environment.

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