Complete Guide to 80G Certificate & 80G Registration

80G is a document that exempts you from paying some or all of your taxes if you have made donations to registered organisations that offer tax exemptions, such as charitable trusts or section 8 companies. For e.g. A charitable organisation or trust registered under Companies Act, or any other applicable statutes.

3. Applicants for the certificate must not represent any activity based on religion, caste, or creed;

4. The relevant trust or organisation must only use contributed cash for charitable reasons.

5. The registered trust or institution must not keep any non-exempt revenue.

6. Entities doing other types of business are obliged to keep a separate account, so that contributions are not confused with other types of savings.

7. Before applying for the certificate, the applicant must have kept the proper yearly returns, accounting, and bookkeeping.

8. The certificate recipient is responsible for ensuring timely renewal of certificates in order to get appropriate tax advantages.

Procedure for Getting 80G Registration

The Commissioner of Income Tax shall process an application for registration under this section after obtaining Form 10G from the applicant. The following papers should accompany the application:

1. Registration Certificate

2. MOA /Trust Deed

3. a letter of permission from the owner of the property where the registered office is located.

4. A copy of the organization’s tax identification number.

5. Copy of the energy bill, the property tax bill, or the water bill 6. Evidence of welfare activities undertaken

6. Progress Report since the organization’s inception or for the preceding three years

7. The financial statement and balance sheet since the company’s inception/previous three years

8. List of donors with their addresses and PAN numbers.

9. List of the board of directors with their contact information.

10. Document of registration obtained under Setupfilings may help you with the registration procedure. Call a 7738877316 business consultant immediately.

Awarding of Certificate

The Commissioner may issue a written order registering the trust or institution under Section 80G of the Income-tax Act upon receipt of the application. The Commissioner may also request further documentation from the applicant, if deemed necessary, or reject the application. The duration of the trust’s registration will range between one and three years.

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