Partners’ Responsibilities and Rights in a Partnership Firm


Sections 9 to 17 of the Indian Partnership Act of 1932, Each member in the partnership business holds equal rights and responsibilities. the most crucial requirements regulating all partners’ mutual understanding and Relationship. These connections are regulated by an existing contract between all parties, which may be implicit or explicit between the course of business. The partnership agreement can also be altered depending on the acceptance of all parties in the firm. This article discusses the rights and responsibilities of partners in a Partnership Firm in details to know more you can get in touch with Experts of

Before we go into the Rights and responsibilities of Partners in a Partnership Firm, let’s first define “What is a Partnership Firm?

“What is a Partnership Firm?

Individuals that form a commercial partnership on mutual with one another are known as “Partners,” a “Partnership Firm” is known as a “Partnership,” and the name in which their company is Registered is known as the “Firm Name.” A partnership firm’s members do not create a separate legal entity. Information on Rights and responsibilities of a Partners in a Partnership Firm,

Rights of Partners in Partnership Firm


One of the basic rights of partners is to share earnings and losses (if mentioned in the deed). Profit/loss sharing ratios are not always mentioned in partnership agreements executed while registering partnership firm. In such cases, the partners may split the earnings equally and contribute equally to any losses that occur from the firm.

Involving in day to day Business Activity

Each partner has the right to participate in the function management of the day to day business activity, subject to the clause mentioned in the partnership firm registration document.

Verifying the Books of Accounts of firm

Accounting and bookkeeping of partnership firm are open to access for all partners in firm. They have access to the firm’s books of accounts and financial statements, including the trial balance, profit and loss account, and balance sheet, and can examine, inspect, and copy any of them. In the event of the deceased partner’s death, the right to study, inspect, and obtain a copy of the books of accounts would be available to his or her heirs, legal representative, or lawfully authorized agent.

Partners Right on Remuneration

No partner of the firm is entitled to any remuneration in addition to his share of the profits as a result of engaging in the firm’s operation. This regulation, however, can be overruled by expressing the terms in agreement or mentioning a sequence of transactions, wherein the partner become entitled for reimbursement.

In other words, if it is common to pay a partner income for running the partnership firm’s business, the partner may claim it even though no contract for payment exists. A managing partner is typically compensated in addition to his share, salary, or commission for the time and effort he will contribute to the firm’s operations.

Right to get Interest on Advances or loan

If a partner makes an advance payment or loan to the partnership firm that exceeds the amount of capital he will provide, he is entitled for 6% PA interest. While interest on capital accounts ceases to accumulate following dissolution, interest on advances continues to accrue until payment is received. The Partnership Act makes a distinction between a partner’s capital contribution and his advance to the firm. The partner’s advance is viewed as a loan that must be repaid with interest while the capital interest is only repaid with interest if an agreement is in place.

Right of partner to be compensated

All of the partners in the firm have the right to be compensated by the firm for payments made and liabilities which may  incurred in the course of the firm’s day to day activities or legal operations. This also includes acting in an emergency to prevent a loss if the payments, liabilities, and activities are those that a prudent man would make, incur, or perform in the same scenario.

Outgoing partner’s right to a portion of future profits

If a partner dies or ceases to be a partner and the remaining partners carry on the firm’s business with the firm’s property without settling their accounts with the outgoing partner or his estate mentioned by him through any legal documents or legal heir such share of the profit made since he ceased to be a partner as may be attributable to the use of his share of the firm’s property or, at his or his representative’s option, at the firm’s property.

The right to dissolve the company

A partner in a partnership business has the ability to dissolve the partnership with the permission of all other partners. However, if the partnership is at will, any partner may dissolve the firm by notifying all other partners in writing of his desire to dissolve the firm. 

Responsibilities of Partners in a Partnership Firm

To perform duties diligently

Every partner is legally obligated to attend to his duties relating to the operation of the firm’s business, according to Section 12(b) of the Indian Partnership Act. Furthermore, Section 13(a) states that a partner is not entitled to remuneration for engaging in the general operation of the business. A partner is also required to share his or her expertise and talents with his or her partners.

To compensate for fraud

Section 10 states that a partner in a partnership firm is accountable for compensating the firm for any damages suffered as a result of a partner’s dishonesty in the conduct of the firm’s business.

To compensate for losses and to keep proper track of any profit

A partnership firm’s partners are all equally responsible for the firm’s injury. If a partner in partnership firm profits from the firm’s transactions, the use of the firm’s property or business ties, or the use of the firm’s name, the partner must account for that profit and restore it to the firm.

Profits earned by business must be documented and accounted.

If a partner runs a rival business that is identical to the firm’s, the partner is responsible for all earnings made and must pay them to the firm. Any business losses will not be the partnering firm’s responsibility.

To compensate for willful misconduct

According to the Section, a partner in a partnership firm must compensate the firm for any damages or losses produced by purposeful carelessness in the conduct of the firm’s business.

Other Duties of Partners in a Partnership Firm

Partners are legally required to keep the partnership firm running.

The following is a list of general obligations of a partner.

  1. A partner is responsible for carrying on the business in the best interests of all parties involved.
  2. A partner shall give any other partner or his or her legal agent the true account and complete facts regarding any matters affecting the Partnership Firm.
  3. A partner must be ethical and loyal to his or her colleagues.

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