What Is a Trademark Journal and How Can I Get It?

The Trademark Journal of India publishes information about trademark applications and registrations from the Indian Trademark Registry. It contains information on the products or services covered by the trademark, the applicant’s name and address, the application or registration number, and any oppositions or objections made against the trademark. The publication fosters openness and allows interested parties to watch the status of trademark registrations and applications.

The Trademark Journal is a journal that contains trademarks that have been registered or are in the process of being registered. The journal is produced on a regular basis and is available in both print and electronic form. It is a public document that anybody may see and evaluate, and it can be amended if necessary.

What exactly is a Trademark Journal?

Any modifications to registered trademarks, such as ownership transfers or assignment changes, are recorded in a trademark journal. It also includes information on any filed oppositions or disputes brought by any of the parties involved.

The Trademark Journal of India is a significant resource for businesses, trademark attorneys, and other interested parties who wish to stay up to speed on new trademark registrations in India. 

It may be used to do trademark searches to see if a certain trademark is available and to check for possible trademark conflicts. It is also useful for monitoring changes in India’s trademark environment and competitor activity.

To be eligible for registration, a trademark must be unique and not confusingly similar to any existing registered trademarks in India. 

Specifics of the Publication

For a newly registered trademark, the Trademark Journal is published under the following particulars or titles for constructive notice of the general public –

  1. Details of the applicant and his address 
  2. Details of the trademark 
  3. Appropriate office 
  4. Class & specification of goods or service 
  5. Statement as to use of the trademark 
  6. Applicant’s address for service, including his agent’s details 
  7. Priority claim (if any)

The Trademark Journal is published every Monday by the Trademark Registry’s Head Office. The website of the Trademark Registrar provides free access to trademark journals. 

Trademark Journals provide the following information:

  1. Any trademark office-issued public notification.
  2. A trademark application that has been accepted or is awaiting approval.
  3. Corrections or other publications in reaction to prior journal articles.
  4. The trademarks are freshly registered, renewed, or removed from the journal, if applicable.
  5. Any entry ordered by a competent official to be republished.
  6. Any post-registration assignments or transmission records.
  7. Any worldwide non-proprietary names as published by the World Trade Organisation.
  8. From time to time, any additional relevant material is deemed of public interest.

Different Trademark Types That Can Be Registered in India

The following are the several types of trademarks that may be registered in India:

  1. Any name generally used in commerce as a mark (including the applicant’s or predecessor’s in business’s personal or surname, or the person’s signature). 
  2. Any letter or number in any order or combination of letters or numbers
  3. A fancy or gadget name
  4. Monograms 
  5. A made-up term or words from a dictionary that do not immediately describe the character or quality of the goods/service
  6. Sound markings are visually represented when they are expressed in conventional notation or stated in words, and they can be gained by registration under the Act or usage for specific goods or services.
  7. The look or packaging of things.
  8. Marks that combine to generate three-dimensional signs.
  9. A colour combination, or simply a single colour used in conjunction with a phrase or gadget.

How Do I Get Access to the Trademark Journal?

Follow these procedures to gain access to the Trademark Journal. –

• Navigate to

• From the Trade Marks Journal on the page, select the relevant journal.

• Select the “Find” option.

• Fill in the application number, class, address, and abstract key words.

• To refine the Search, repeat the steps outlined in step 4.

Why Is a Trademark Journal Necessary?

Public Opposition: The journal is important because the public can file an opposition to trademark registration when it is published in the journal.

Trademark Renewal: The Trademark Journal also has information on renewing a trademark registration certificate for trademark owners.

Infringement Prevention: All registered trademark owners should also examine the Trademark Journal for potential overlapping trademarks with their registered trademark. Infringement and trademark dilution can be avoided by consulting the Trademark Journal.

The Advantages of Registering a Trademark

There are several advantages to establishing a trademark.

Brand recognition: A registered trademark may assist you in developing your brand, increasing customer awareness, and cultivating goodwill. This is especially important whether your firm is small or growing.

Investment Value: A registered trademark may be worth an investment for your firm. It can be used as loan collateral, licenced to others for a charge, or even sold altogether if your company is sold.

Enhanced credibility: A registered trademark can help your company identify itself as a professional and trustworthy entity.

Security: Registered trademarks are easier to defend than unregistered trademarks. This is due to the fact that registered trademarks are public information that may be easily found and confirmed. This may make it easier to launch a lawsuit if necessary.

International protection: If you want to expand your firm globally, a registered trademark may provide protection in other countries. This is critical if you wish to enter markets with different legal systems where protecting your rights may be more difficult.

The Procedure for Registering a Trademark in India

The following are the processes to registering a trademark in India

Step 1: Determine Availability

Browse the Indian Trademarks Office database to see if the trademark you want to register is already in use. This might help you find any potential trademark issues.

Step 2: Prepare the Application

Complete the trademark application form completely and acquire any required supporting paperwork. This comprises a copy of the trademark as well as a list of the items or services for which it will be utilised

Step 3: Submit the Application

Send the completed application, appropriate fees, and supporting documentation to the Indian Trademarks Office.

Step 4: Examine and Review

The TM Office will review the application to ensure that it conforms with all applicable requirements. This may require communicating with the applicant to answer questions or obtain further information.

Step 5: Publication

If the application is granted, the trademark will be published in the Trademark Journal of India. This allows any interested party a 30-day opportunity to register an opposition to the trademark registration.

Step 6: Registration

If no opposition is filed or any opposition is unsuccessful, the trademark will be registered and listed in the Trademark Journal of India. A registration certificate will be issued to the applicant.

The TM Office thoroughly reviews each trademark application within the time range specified to verify compliance with the different criteria.

During this time, any interested party may file an opposition to the trademark registration. If no opposition is submitted or if an opposition is lodged but is unsuccessful, the trademark is registered and the registration is placed in the journal.


Q: How long is the trademark period in India?

Ans: In India, trademarks can be renewed for an endless amount of time by paying trademark renewal costs; otherwise, the mark may be withdrawn from trademark registration. Each renewal is for ten years.

Q: Is there a time limit on the trademark’s validity?

Ans: Unlike patents and copyrights, trademarks have no expiry date. The trademark will stay valid as long as the owner uses it.

Q: Where can I get the Indian Trademark Journal?

Ans: The Trademark Journal of India is available in print and online. The online version is available at the Indian Trademarks Office’s website.

Q: What information is available in the Indian Trademark Journal?

Ans: This journal contains information such as the identity of the owner, the trademark itself, and the product or service for which it is intended. It also includes information on registered trademark adjustments such as ownership transfers and assignment changes.

Q: What is the significance of the Trademark Journal of India?

Ans: The Trademark Journal of India is an important resource for businesses, trademark attorneys, and other interested parties in India. It may be used to search for trademarks, follow competitor activity, and monitor developments in India’s trademark environment.

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