How to Register for NITI AAYOG Registration: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Indian government must keep an online record of all registration processes including Niti Aayog registration. To get funds under the government’s different programmes, all non-governmental organizations must register with Niti Aayog

. All information on NGOs must be kept for this purpose. To accomplish this goal, the government creates a specialized centralized platform for NGOs. This site will assist the government in developing social welfare plans or activities that NGOs may implement.

The full Name of Niti Aayog Registration

  • The National Institute for Transforming India, or NITI Aayog registration, was established on January 1, 2015, by replacing the Look Commission of India.
  • NITI Aayog registration is primarily a government of India corporation that attempts to accomplish property development and to strengthen cooperative political theory in India via the engagement of the center as a state minister.
  • It is led by the Honorable Prime Minister of India (who also serves as the Ex-officio Chairman of NITI Aayog), and the governing council is made up of all the Chief Ministers of states, as well as the CMs of cities and Puducherry, as well as the Lieutenant Governor of Andaman & Nicobar.
  • It may even consider a member from a highly regarded university and the research and development sector in accordance with the requirements.

Benefits of Niti Ayog

As previously stated, the government’s goal is to keep a consolidated database of every NGO/Trust/Society that desire to work for the benefit of society and obtain funds/grants from government departments to accomplish their goals.

According to the government database, 82203 NGOs have already joined on the NGO Darpan site, where you can simply track/search the information of registered NGOs. Some of the major advantages are as follows:

  • It is required to register with Niti Aayog in order to get government support.
  • It increases the credibility of an NGO/Trust/Society in receiving donations from the general public.
  • Through this gateway you may immediately apply for grant, to the ministry from which you wish to obtain donation/grant

Eligibility Register for NITI AAYOG

A valid email address and phone number PAN Card, Aadhar Card of the members of the governing body Trust deed or Society registration certificate PAN number of the society/trust/NGO

Individual applications are not accepted. A valid PAN Card of the society/trust/NGO is required. The NGOs will be given a unique ID. When asking for a grant from the government based on the goals of the NGOs, they must provide that unique ID. After registering and receiving a grant, it is required to keep records and present that information to the ministry at the conclusion of the fiscal year. If your papers are good and fulfill all of the registration requirements, the application will be granted within 3-5 days. After your application is granted, you will be given a unique ID that you will use for any future communication with the government.

The Procedure for NITI Aayog NGO Registration in India

To complete the NITI Aayog

  • You must go to the website of the Non-profit Darpan.
    • When you enter all of your information, you will get an OTP on your provided email address and cellphone number. After verifying the OTP, create a password for future login purposes.
    • After creating a password, return to the website’s main page and log in using the “Sign In” option. You must enter your login id and password to do so.
    • Upon logged in, you will see the PAN Number and the name of the pre-filed Non-Governmental Organization or Voluntary Organization.
    • To continue, you must now complete the following information.
    • A non-profit organization’s complete address.
    • Authority for NGO or VO registration.
    • Enter your registration number and submit a copy of your RC for verification.
    • The name of the Act and the date it was registered under this Act.
    • After that, you must supply information on all sources of funding received from government agencies in the last five years.
    • Give contact information for the key person who can be reached if there is a problem.
    • You must now submit information on your NGO or VO’s core field of activity as well as state specifics. This is an important step since you will obtain funding from government agencies based on your job area.
    • After submitting the application, your file is sent to the appropriate officer for processing.
    • The officer will approve your application or request further documentation if you submit the application and all necessary paperwork.
    • If your application is granted, you will be given a unique ID that you will use for any future communications with the government.

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