What is NITI AAYOG Registration?

The Indian government must keep an online record of all registration processes including Niti Aayog. To get funds under the government’s different programmes, all non-governmental organizations must register with Niti Aayog. All information on PAN Card, Aadhar Card of the members of the governing body Trust deed or Society registration certificate PAN number of the society/trust/NGO

Individual applications are not accepted. A valid PAN Card of the society/trust/NGO is required. The NGOs will be given a unique ID. When asking for a grant from the government based on the goals of the NGOs, they must provide that unique ID. After registering and receiving a grant, it is required to keep records and present that information to the ministry at the conclusion of the fiscal year. If your papers are good and fulfill all of the registration requirements, the application will be granted within 3-5 days. After your application is granted, you will be given a unique ID that you will use for any future communication with the government.

The Procedure for NITI Aayog NGO Registration in India

To complete the NITI Aayog PAN Number and the name of the pre-filed Non-Governmental Organization or Voluntary Organization.

  • To continue, you must now complete the following information.
  • A non-profit organization’s complete address.
  • Authority for NGO or VO registration.
  • Enter your registration number and submit a copy of your RC for verification.
  • The name of the Act and the date it was registered under this Act.
  • Give information on all other registrations, if any, such as GST Registration,

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