Trademark Class 38: Telecommunications Services

Short description of trademark class 38

Telecommunications services

What is trademark registration?

Trademark Registration can be defined as unique identity for Brands and companies or services to stand out from rest of other brand and companies. After trademark registered in India no other organization or company can use the same name or logo.

Registered Trademark provides rights to sue other who tries to copy the similar brand name or logo. Once any company or brand name registered in trademark though it becomes the intellectual property which can also be defined has intangible asset for company. which helps in protecting the investment into creating the brand name, its loyalty and trust among customers.

What is trademark class?

A trademark classification is a tool wherein we can find our business falls into which class and services. Basically trademark classification is divided into 45 classes wherein class 1 to 34 is for manufacturer and 35 to 45 for service provider.

Excluded in trademark class 38:

Communication, networking and social networking software is in Trademark class 9. Time instruments are in Trademark class 14. Doors, gates, windows and window coverings, not of metal are in Trademark class 19. Business assistance, management and administrative services is in Trademark class 35. Computer hardware and telecommunication apparatus installation, maintenance and repair is in trademark class 37. Software development, programming and implementation is in Trademark class 42.

Telecommunication services

Transmission and reception of database information via the telecommunication network

Transmission and reception of database information via telecommunication networks

Interactive broadcasting and communications services

Secured data, sound and image transmission services

Transmission of data, sound and images via satellites

Satellite transmission of data, sounds and images

Transmission of data, sound and images by satellite

Message sending and receiving services

Network transmission of sounds, images, signals and data

Operation of a telecommunications network

Operation of a network, being telecommunication services

Satellite transmission of sounds and images

Sound and picture transmission via satellite

Information and advisory services relating to telecommunication services

Wire agency services

Telematic data transmission and file transfer

Information about communications

Electronic communication services for transmission by means of aerials

Information about telecommunications


Telematics services accessible by password

Data communication services accessible by access code

Delivery of messages by audiovisual media

Information about telecommunication

Providing information about telecommunications

Transmission of coded messages and images

Remote transmission of audio signals by means of telecommunications

Transmission of messages and images

Signal transmission for electronic commerce via telecommunication systems and data communication systems

Information, consultancy and advisory services relating to telecommunications

Advisory services relating to communications equipment

Communication services for the delivery of emergency messages

Supply of airtime for communication services

Advisory services relating to communications

Advisory services relating to telecommunications

Transmission of information in the audiovisual field

Routing and connecting services for telecommunications

Telecommunications routing and junction services

Transmission of information by data communications for assisting decision making

Cable transmission of sounds, images, signals and data

Provision of wireless application protocol services including those utilising a secure communications channel

Providing access to telecommunication networks

Transmission of information via national and international networks

Value added network services

Teleconferencing and video conferencing services

Telecommunications services for aircraft passengers

Fixed and mobile telephone services

News agency services for electronic transmission

Sending of emergency messages for travellers

News agency services

News agencies

News agency

Inter-active video text services

Electronic and telecommunication transmission services

Time sharing services for communications apparatus

Time sharing services for communication apparatus

Operation of satellite-to-earth receiver aerials

Message collection and transmission

Message collection and transmission services

Transmission of information via a teleprinter

Transmission of information relating to pharmaceuticals, medicine and hygiene

Satellite transmission of sounds, images, signals and data

Providing access to electronic communications networks and electronic databases

Voice and data transmission services

Transmission and receiving by radio

Message sending, receiving and forwarding

Electronic transmission of messages and data

Air to ground telecommunications services

Audiovisual communication services

News agency services

Transmission of news and current affairs information

Providing facilities and equipment for video conferencing

Delivery of digital audio and/or video by telecommunications

Providing of access to telecommunication warehousing services

News agency services for telecommunications

Data transmission and reception services via telecommunication means

Audio communications services

Transmission of data, messages and information

Providing information about wireless communication

Transmission of audio and video content via satellite

Advisory and consultancy services relating to wireless communications and wireless communications equipment

Transmission of short messages, images, speech, sound, music and text communications between mobile telecommunications devices

Telecommunications services provided via fiber optic, wireless and cable networks

Electronic transmission of instant messages and data

Providing high speed access to computer and communication networks

Automatic transfer of digital data using telecommunications channels

Transmission of messages, data and content via the Internet and other computer and communications networks

Transmission of messages, data and content via the Internet and other communications networks

Electronic transmission and retransmission of sounds, images, documents, messages and data

Digital transmission services for audio and video data

Computer communication and Internet access

Electronic news agency services

Data communication services accessible by password

Electronic communications services relating to credit card authorization

Telecommunication access services

Telecommunications access services

Aeronautical telecommunication services

Assigning of telephone numbers

Packet transmission of data and images

Provision of broadband telecommunications access

Computer communication and Internet access

Electronic transmission of data and documents via computer terminals

Electronic exchange of data stored in databases accessible via telecommunication networks

Providing access to global computer networks and other computer networks

Providing access to computer networks

Electrical data transmission over a global remote data processing network, including the internet

Electronic transmission of data and documents via computer terminals and electronic devices

Electronic mail services for data and voice

Providing an electronic mailbox

Transmission of information between computers and workstations

Provision of telecommunications access to databases and the internet

Sending of emergency messages

Leasing of telecommunication lines for access to computer networks

Providing multiple use access to global computer information networks for the transfer and dissemination of a wide range of information

Computer transmission of information accessed via a code or a terminal

Computer aided transmission of messages, data and images

Computer aided transmission of messages, information and images

Provision of access to an electronic on-line network for information retrieval

Providing on-line listservers for transmission of messages among computer users

Providing access to a global computer information network

Mail services utilising the internet and other communications networks

Internet access services

Providing access to a worldwide computer network

Worldwide computer network access services

Providing online chat rooms and electronic bulletin boards

Providing on-line electronic bulletin board services and chat rooms

Streaming of audio material on the internet

Satellite transmission of data via an on-line global computer network

Computer aided transmission of messages and images

Computer-aided transmission of messages and images

Transmission of messages and images

Simulcasting broadcast television over global communication networks, the Internet and wireless networks

Provision of telecommunications links to computer databases and websites on the Internet

Transmission and reception of messages by means of worldwide computer networks

Electronic transmission of mail and messages

Internet connection services for residential consumers and for commercial entities

Computer aided transmission of images

Computer-aided transmission of images

Transmission of images

Computer aided transmission of information and images

Providing access to a global computer network for the transfer and dissemination of information

E-mail and mailbox services

Electronic mail and mailbox services

Electronic mail and facsimile transmission services

Provision of access to electronic messaging systems

Delivery of messages and data by electronic transmission

Providing user access to the internet

Providing user access to the internet

Electronic mail and messaging services

Internet access provider services

Communications via a global computer network or the internet

Distribution of data or audio visual images via a global computer network or the internet

Providing multiple user dial-up and dedicated access to the internet

Providing on-line chat rooms for transmission of messages among computer users

Providing on-line forums for transmission of messages among computer users

Providing access to the internet

Providing internet access

Provision of internet access services

Providing user access to the internet

Provision of access to the internet

Providing computer access to communication networks

Providing virtual facilities for real-time interaction among computer users

Providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network or databases

Local area networks

Providing user access to computer networks and the Internet

Provision of access to computer networks and the internet

Computer aided transmission of messages

Computer-aided transmission of messages

Providing user access to global computer networks

Providing access to global computer networks

Providing user access to a global computer network

Provision of access to a global computer network

Online document delivery via a global computer network

Computer-aided transmission of data

Transmission of data or audio visual images via a global computer network or the internet

Data transmission and data broadcasting

Providing an online interactive bulletin board

Providing access to and leasing access time to computer networks

Transmission of messages

Transmission of data by audio-visual apparatus

Providing access to electronic communications networks

Provision of access to the internet for others

Message sending via a website

Access time to global computer networks

Rental of access time to global computer networks

Leasing of access time to global computer networks

Providing on-line electronic bulletin boards for transmission of messages among computer users

Providing multiple-user access to a global computer information network

Provision of telecommunication connections to a global computer network

Providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network

Providing telecommunications connection to a global computer network

Local area networks

Collection and delivery of messages by electronic mail

Electronic transmission of messages, data and documents

Computer-aided transmission of information

Communications via analogue and digital computer terminals

Communication via analogue and digital computer terminals

Rental of access time to a database server

Providing access to the Internet and other communications networks

Transmission of audio and video content via computer networks

Transmission and distribution of data or audiovisual images via a global computer network or the Internet

Providing on-line chatrooms and electronic bulletin boards for transmission of messages amongst users

Transmission of data, audio, video and multimedia files

Transmission of data, audio, video and multimedia files, including downloadable files and files streamed over a global computer network

Providing access to data in computer networks

Forwarding messages of all kinds to Internet addresses

Electronic message collection and transmission

Sending and receiving of electronic messages

Telecommunications services provided via the Internet, intranet and extranet

Transferring information and data via computer networks and the Internet

Transmission of audio and video content via ISDN lines

Providing online chatrooms for the transmission of messages, comments and multimedia content among users

Providing Internet chatrooms and Internet forums

Providing telecommunications connections to the Internet in a cafe environment

Telecommunication services provided via Internet platforms and portals

Providing access to information via data networks

Wireless transfer of data via wireless application protocols

Providing multiple-user access to a global computer network

Transmission of data and information by computer and electronic communication means

Transfer of information and data via online services and the Internet

Providing access to information via the Internet

Electronic message sending, receiving and forwarding

Telecommunication services provided via platforms and portals on the Internet and other media

Transferring and disseminating information and data via computer networks and the Internet

Electronic communication by means of chatrooms, chat lines and Internet forums

Providing telecommunications connections to a global communication network or databases

Electronic message sending, receiving and forwarding services

Electronic transmission of images, photographs, graphic images and illustrations over a global computer network

Streaming audio and video material on the Internet

Video, audio and television streaming services

Providing access to information on the Internet

Electronic exchange of messages via chat lines, chatrooms and Internet forums

Provision of telecommunication access and links to computer databases and to the internet

Provision of telecommunication access and links to computer databases and the internet

Communication services, namely, electronic transmission of data and documents among users of computers

Provision of access to content, websites and portals

Providing email notification alerts via the internet

Streaming of audio, visual and audiovisual material via a global computer network

Providing multiple-user wireless access to the Internet

Providing users with secure remote access via the internet to private computer networks

Remote data access services

Transmission of sound, picture and data signals

Provision and rental of telecommunications facilities and equipment

Rental of teleprocessing apparatus and instruments

Signalling apparatus

Rental of signalling apparatus

Rental of radio transmission apparatus

Rental of radio broadcasting instruments

Rental of radio communications equipment

Providing third party users with access to telecommunication infrastructure

Rental of equipment for broadcasting

Rental of broadcasting equipment

Leasing of paging equipment

Rental of radio paging apparatus

Rental of apparatus for transmitting images

Provision of television broadcasting equipment for outside locations

Rental of apparatus for the broadcast of video signals

Rental of computer communication apparatus and instruments

Rental of apparatus for the broadcast of audio signals

Provision of radio broadcasting equipment for outside locations

Hire of message storage apparatus

Rental of telecommunications apparatus and installations

Rental of communications instruments

Rental of communications equipment

Leasing of communications apparatus

Hire of communications apparatus

Communications apparatus

Leasing of cable television equipment

Message sending apparatus

Rental of information transmitting equipment

Rental of message sending apparatus

Sending apparatus

Rental of apparatus for the transmission of messages

Rental of telecommunications apparatus

Leasing of telecommunication apparatus

Hire of telecommunications instruments

Hire of telecommunications apparatus

Leasing of telecommunication equipment

Rental of telecommunication equipment

Rental of equipment for telecommunications

Rental of telecommunications equipment

Rental of telecommunication equipment including telephones and facsimile apparatus

Rental of communication apparatus and implements

Hire of message delivery apparatus

Rental of facsimile machines

Rental of facsimile apparatus

Leasing of facsimile machines

Hire of telephone answering apparatus

Rental of radio equipment

Leasing of telephone apparatus

Rental of satellite broadcast receiving aerials

Rental of satellite broadcast receiving antenna

Renting of telecommunications equipment

Rental of equipment for television broadcasting

Rental of telecommunication devices and equipment enabling connection to networks

Rental of radio and television broadcasting facilities

Provision of facilities for transmission and receiving by radio

Provision of facilities for radio receiving and radio transmission

Leasing of cellular communications equipment

Rental of broadcasting apparatus for outside broadcasts

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