Trademark Class 14: Precious Metals and Jewellery

Short Description of trademark Class 14

Precious metals and their alloys; Jewellery, precious and semi-precious stones; Horological and chronometric instruments.

What is trademark class?

A trademark classification is a tool wherein we can find our business falls into which class and services. Basically trademark classification is divided into 45 classes wherein Trademark class 1 to 34 is for manufacturer and 35 to 45 for service provider. Trademark class is most imperative for getting trademark registration in proper scope of business.

Not included in Trademark Class 14:

Salts for industrial purposes are in Trademark class 1. Coatings are in Trademark class 2. Toiletries are in Trademark class 3. Dental preparations and articles, and medicated dentifrices are in Trademark class 5. Dental preparations and articles, and medicated dentifrices are in Trademark class 6. Cutlery, kitchen knives, and cutting implements for kitchen use are in Trademark class 8. Electrical and electronic components are in Trademark class 9. Industrial ovens and furnaces (not for food or beverages) are in Trademark class 10. Gemstones, pearls and precious metals, and imitations thereof are in Trademark class 14. Glasses, drinking vessels and barware are in Trademark class 21 . Clothing are in Trademark class 25. Accessories for apparel, sewing articles and decorative textile articles are in Trademark class 26. Articles for use with tobacco are in Trademark class 34. Securities and commodities trading services are in Trademark class 36. Extraction of natural resources are in Trademark class 37. Treatment and transformation of materials are in Trademark class 40 .

Trademark class 14

Gemstones, pearls and precious metals, and imitations thereof

Gold and its alloys

Gold alloys

Gold base alloys

Semi-finished articles of precious metals for use in the manufacture of jewellery

Platinum alloy ingots

Rhodium and its alloys

Threads of precious metal

Wire of precious metal

Semi-wrought precious stones and their imitations

Silver alloy ingots

Iridium and its alloys

Semi-finished articles of precious stones for use in the manufacture of jewellery

Chalcedony used as gems

Artificial stones

Osmium and its alloys

Palladium and its alloys

Unwrought silver alloys

Silver and its alloys

Man-made pearls


Unwrought agate

Ruthenium and its alloys

Gold alloy ingots

Gold thread

Alloys of precious metal

Unwrought and semi-wrought precious stones and their imitations

Precious and semi-precious gems

Precious metal alloys

Alloys of precious metals

Precious metal alloys

Silver thread

Synthetic precious stones

Artificial gem stones

Artificial gemstones

Platinum alloys

Precious metals and their alloys

Platinum and its alloys

Precious and semi-precious stones


Pearls made of ambroid


Articles of jewellery made from rope chain

Jewellery chain of precious metal for anklets

Jewellery coated with precious metal alloys

Jewellery being articles of precious stones

Synthetic stones

Articles of jewellery with precious stones


Amulets being jewellery



Threads of precious metal

Wire of precious metal

Cloisonné jewellery

Flexible wire bands for wear as a bracelet

Paste jewellery

Paste jewellery



Articles of imitation jewellery

Artificial jewellery

Jewellery rope chain for anklets





Jewellery for personal adornment

Articles of jewellery made of precious metal alloys

Bracelets and watches combined

Articles of jewellery with ornamental stones


Ankle bracelets


Jewellery, including imitation jewellery and plastic jewellery

Gold thread

Jewellery being articles of precious metals

Articles of jewellery made of precious metals

Agate as jewellery


Semi-precious articles of bijouterie

Articles of jewellery coated with precious metals



Parts and fittings for jewellery


Decorative articles for personal use

Cuff links and tie clips

Amberoid pendants being jewellery

Amber pendants being jewellery

Fitted covers for jewelry rings to protect against impact, abrasion, and damage to the ring’s band and stones

Jewelry clips for adapting pierced earrings to clip-on earrings


Crucifixes as jewelry

Crucifixes as jewellery

Jewelry of yellow amber

Jewellery of yellow amber


Time instruments

Horological instruments having quartz movements

Chronographs as watches

Chronographs for use as watches

Automobile clocks

Watches and clocks

Clocks and watches

Horological instruments made of gold

Horological articles

Apparatus for sports timing


Dials for horological articles

Faces for chronometric instruments

Faces for horological instruments

Dials for clock and watch-making



Digital clocks with automatic timers

Digital watches with automatic timers

Apparatus for timing sports events

Watches containing a game function

Parts and fittings for watches

Watches incorporating a memory function

Watch straps of synthetic material

Watches containing an electronic game function

Watch and clock springs

Automatic watches

Dials for clock and watch making

Movements for watches and clocks

Watch and clock hands

Dials for clock- and watchmaking

Dials for clock-and-watch-making

Electric alarm clocks

Electronic alarm clocks


Mechanical watches with automatic winding


Clocks and parts therefor

Chronographs for use as timepieces

Wristwatches with GPS apparatus

Parts and fittings for chronometric instruments

Parts and fittings for horological instruments

Clocks and watches for pigeon-fanciers

Chronometric apparatus and instruments

Clock hands

Clock and watch hands

Clock hand


Alarm watches

Watches incorporating a telecommunication function

Alarm clocks

Movements for clocks and watches



Clocks and watches, electric

Atomic clocks



Other articles of precious metals and precious stones, and imitations thereof

Statues and figurines, made of or coated with precious or semi-precious metals or stones, or imitations thereof

Statuettes of precious metal and their alloys

Statues of precious metal and their alloys

Model animals made of precious metal

Model animals coated with precious metal

Ornaments, made of or coated with precious or semi-precious metals or stones, or imitations thereof

Clothing ornaments of precious metals

Ornaments for clothing

Model animals made of precious metal

Model animals coated with precious metal

Action figures of precious metal

Adhesive wall decorations of precious metal

3D wall art made of precious metal

Jewellery boxes and watch boxes

Presentation boxes for horological articles

Cases for horological instruments

Cases adapted to contain items of jewellery

Cases adapted for holding watches

Cases adapted to contain watches

Cases [fitted] for horological articles

Cases adapted to contain horological articles

Cases for watches and clocks

Cases of precious metals for horological articles

Presentation cases for horological articles

Housings for clocks and watches

Cases for clock- and watchmaking

Cases for clock and watch-making

Cases for chronometric instruments

Key rings and key chains, and charms therefor

Time instruments

Chronometrical instruments

Timekeeping instruments

Chronological instruments

Horological instruments

Articles of jewellery

Jewellery articles

Jewellery boxes and watch boxes

Gemstones, pearls and precious metals, and imitations thereof

Key rings and key chains, and charms therefor

Chronometric instruments

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