Trademark Class 8: Hand-Operated Tools Etc

Short Description of trademark Class 8.

Hand tools and implements, hand-operated; Cutlery; Side arms, except firearms; RazorsWhat is trademark class

A trademark classification is a tool wherein we can find our business falls into which class and services. Basically trademark classification is divided into 45 classes wherein Trademark class 1 to 34 is for manufacturer and 35 to 45 for service provider. Trademark class is most imperative for getting trademark registration in proper scope of business.

Not included in Trademark Class 8:

Machines and machine tools for the treatment of materials and for manufacturing are in Trademark Class 7. Medical and veterinary apparatus and instruments Trademark Class 10. Cosmetic, hygiene and beauty care utensils are in Trademark Class 21. Toys, games, and playthings are in Trademark Class 28. Commercial trading and consumer information services Retail and wholesale services are in Trademark Class 35. Rental of tools, plant and equipment for construction, demolition, cleaning and maintenance Installation, cleaning, repair and maintenance are in Trademark Class 37.

Hand-operated hygienic and beauty implements for humans and animals

Hairstyling appliances

Hair curling

Non-electric hand implements for hair curling

Hand implements for hair curling

Body art tools

Ear piercing apparatus

Piercing apparatus


Ear-piercing apparatus

Sterile body piercing instruments

Apparatus for tattooing

Manicure and pedicure tools

Manicure implements

Cases for manicure instruments

Pedicure implements

Pedicure implements

Electric and non-electric fingernail polishers

Battery-powered animal nail grinders

Electric animal nail grinders

Haircutting and removal implements


Containers adapted for razor blades

Cases adapted for razors

Animal shearing implements

Electric hair clippers for animals

Clippers for use on animals

Hair clippers for animals

Edged and blunt weapons

Side arms

Side arms, except firearms

Side arms, other than firearms

Cutlery, kitchen knives, and cutting implements for kitchen use

Forks and spoons

Decanting liquids

Apple corers

Boxes adapted for cutlery

Vegetable choppers

Meat choppers

Knives, forks and spoons

Non-electric garlic choppers

Hand-operated implements for dicing food

Hand-operated choppers

Potato peelers


Plastic spoons, table forks and table knives

Baby spoons, table forks and table knives

Cutlery, kitchen knives, and cutting implements for kitchen use

Implements for decanting liquids


Table knives, forks and spoons of plastic

Table knives, forks and spoons for babies

Vegetable choppers

Silver plat

Table cutlery


Meat choppers

Hand-operated tools and implements for treatment of materials, and for construction, repair and maintenance

Animal slaughtering and butchering implements

Hand instruments for slaughtering butcher’s animals

Slaughtering butchers’ animals

Cattle stunning appliances

Stunning apparatus

Cattle stunning apparatus

Hand-operated tools for skinning animals

Skinning animals

Apparatus and instruments for slaughtering butchers’ animals

Cattle skinning instruments

Knives for skinning animals

Meat choppers

Instruments and tools for skinning animals

Agricultural, gardening and landscaping tools

Agricultural hand tools

Hand-operated tools for agriculture

Hand-operated sprayers for agricultural purposes

Sprayers for use in agriculture

Sprayers for use in agriculture

Sprayers for garden use in spraying insecticide

Sprayers for use in horticulture

Sprayers for use in horticulture

Atomizers for insecticides


Hand-operated sprayers for insecticide


Sprayers for agricultural use in spraying insecticides

Sprayers for carrying on the back

Spiked rollers for use in soil aeration

Sprayers for garden use in spraying weedkillers

Destructing apparatus for plant parasites

Insecticide sprayers, hand-operated

Hand-operated insecticide sprayers

Lawn aerators

Hand-operated lawn aerators

Sprayers for household use in spraying insecticide

Agricultural sprayers

Sprayers for household use in spraying weedkillers

Lawn aerators

Broadforks for agricultural purposes

Lawn clippers

Agricultural implements, hand-operated

Insecticide atomizers

Insecticide sprayers

Agricultural forks

Apparatus for destroying plant parasites, hand-operated

Hand tools for construction, repair and maintenance

Hammers, mallets and sledgehammers


 Fastening and joining tools

Riveters for use as hand tools

Stapling guns

Adjustable spanners

Adjustable wrenches

Annular screw plates

Cutting, drilling, grinding, sharpening and surface treatment hand tools

Tatami mat choppers

Electrical shavers for removing fuzz from fabric

Auger bits for use with hand-operated tools

Auger bits for hand tools

Abrasive discs

Abrasive grinding wheels

Discs for abrading being hand-operated tools

Abrasive grinding wheels



Abrasive stones

Sharpening instruments

Abrasive tools

Abrading tools

Abrading instruments

Electrical shavers for removing threads from fabric

Combined wire strippers and cutters

Manually-operated edge sharpeners for skis and snowboards

Mitre boxes

Hand-powered ice augers used for ice fishing

Hand-operated ice augers used for ice fishing


Abrasive wheels for use with hand tools

Hand-operated ski sharpening instruments

Sharpening wheels for knives and blades

Hand-operated sharpening tools and instruments



Stropping instruments

Sharpening instruments

Blade sharpening instruments


Mortise axes

Holing axes

Abrading instruments


Tube cutting instruments

Carpenters’ augers

Emergency and rescue hand tools

Emergency door spreader

Emergency multi-tools

Emergency cutting tools

Emergency spreading tools

Firefighter’s axes,

Emergency and rescue hand tools

Anti-riot forks

Emergency hammers

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