Trademark Class 9: Computers, Software and Electronics Etc

Short Description of trademark Class 9

Scientific, research, navigation, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, audiovisual, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, detecting, testing, inspecting, life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; Apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling the distribution or use of electricity; Apparatus and instruments for recording, transmitting, reproducing or processing sound, images or data; Recorded and downloadable media, computer software, blank digital or analogue recording and storage media; Mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; Cash registers, calculating devices; Computers and computer peripheral devices; Diving suits, divers’ masks, ear plugs for divers, nose clips for divers and swimmers, gloves for divers, breathing apparatus for underwater swimming; Fire-extinguishing apparatus

What is trademark class?

A trademark classification is a tool wherein we can find our business falls into which class and services. Basically trademark classification is divided into 45 classes wherein Trademark class 1 to 34 is for manufacturer and 35 to 45 for service provider. Trademark class is most imperative for getting trademark registration in proper scope of business.

Not included in Trademark Class 9:

Locks and keys, of metal Welding and soldering materials, are in Trademark Class 6.  Agricultural, earthmoving, construction, oil and gas extraction and mining equipment are in Trademark Class 7. Hand-operated hygienic and beauty implements for humans and animals are in Trademark Class 8. Diagnostic, examination, and monitoring equipment are in Trademark Class 10. Lighting and lighting reflectors are in Trademark Class 11. Parts and fittings for vehicles are in Trademark Class 12. Explosive substances and devices, other than arms are in Trademark Class 13. Electrical insulation articles and materials are in Trademark Class 17. Commercial trading and consumer information services Retail and wholesale services are in Trademark Class 35.  HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) installation, maintenance and repair are in Trademark Class 37. Hosting services, software as a service, and rental of software are in Trademark Class 42. Safety, rescue, security and enforcement services are in Trademark Class 45.

Media content

Animated films

Audio recordings

Training manuals in the form of a computer program


Audio books

Video disks with recorded animated cartoons

Video tapes with recorded animated cartoons

Prerecorded digital audio tapes

Prerecorded non-musical audio tapes

Prerecorded video cassettes featuring animated fictional stories

Prerecorded audio cassettes

Pre-recorded audio cassettes

Pre-recorded audio tapes

Audio visual recordings

Audiovisual recordings

Pre-recorded audio cassettes featuring music

Animated cartoons in the form of cinematographic films

Downloadable printable planners and organizers

USB web keys for automatically launching pre-programmed website URLs

Pre-recorded audio tapes featuring games

Electronic publications, downloadable, relating to games and gaming

Downloadable information relating to games and gaming

Downloadable templates for designing audiovisual presentations

Digital music downloadable provided from a computer database or the internet

Downloadable animated cartoons

Prerecorded audio tapes featuring music

Prerecorded music audio tapes

Animated cartoons


Application software

Downloadable software in the nature of a mobile application for playing games

Video and computer game programs

Computer software for use on handheld mobile digital electronic devices and other consumer electronics

Software and applications for mobile devices

Software related to handheld digital electronic devices

Artificial intelligence software for analysis

Web application and server software

Virtual and augmented reality software

System and system support software, and firmware

Software for monitoring, analysing, controlling and running physical world operations

Downloadable software for remotely accessing and controlling a computer

Computer game software for use on mobile devices

Downloadable computer software for use as a digital wallet

Computer programs for use in trading stocks and bonds

Downloadable computer software for use as an electronic wallet

Application software

Computer software for computer aided software engineering

Computer software for assisting in the design of sports equipment

Application software for smart phones

Mobile application software

Application software for cloud computing services

Application software for mobile phones

Application software for wireless devices

Computer application software for mobile phones

Computer application software for mobile telephones

Software applications for use with mobile devices

Software applications for mobile devices

Downloadable computer software for remote monitoring and analysis

Application software

Software applications

Downloadable applications

Computer software applications

Downloadable application software

Downloadable computer software applications

Computer software for inter-network accounting in the telecommunications field

Downloadable applications for mobile devices

Downloadable applications for use with mobile devices

Downloadable software in the nature of a mobile application

Application software for smart TV

Computer application software for TV

Downloadable smart phone applications

Downloadable smart phone application software

Smartphone software applications, downloadable

Downloadable software applications for mobile phones

Computer-aided design software

Workflow applications

Mobile app’s

Adaptive software

Mobile apps

Computer software for use as an application programming interface

Computer software for the administration of on-line games and gaming

Computer application software featuring games and gaming

Application software for televisions

Downloadable mobile applications

Computer software for application and database integration

Integrated software packages for use in the automation of laboratories

Computer application software

Downloadable mobile applications for use with wearable computer devices

Computer application software for use with wearable computer devices

Computer application software for use in implementing the Internet of Things

Downloadable software applications for use with three dimensional printers

Application development software

Application software for mobile devices

Downloadable software applications

Educational mobile applications

Educational computer applications

Educational tablet applications

Animation software

Computer-aided engineering software

3D animation software

Application simulation software

Document automation software

Application suites

Machine-to-Machine applications

Application server software

Virtual assistant software

Sports betting applications

Office and business applications

Media and publishing software

Data and file management and database software

Software for processing images, graphics, audio, video and text

Communication, networking and social networking software

Downloadable mobile applications for booking taxis

Software for Automated Business Process Discovery

Computer-aided manufacturing software

Computer-aided manufacturing software

Downloadable application software for smart phones

Computer software applications, downloadable

System and system support software, and firmware

Computer interface apparatus

Computer software for audibly controlling a computer and the operation thereof

Network access server operating software

Software for diagnostics and troubleshooting

Computer software that assists computers in deploying parallel applications and performing parallel computations

Video accelerators

Graphics accelerators

Middleware for management of software functions on electronic devices

Downloadable wallpapers for computers and phones

Computer software to maintain and operate computer system

Utility, security and cryptography software

System and system support software, and firmware

Firmware and device drivers

Software for operating and managing integrated circuit components

Web application and server software

Network access server operating software

Software for accessing information on a global computer network

Computer software for accessing information directories that may be downloaded from the global computer network

Computer application software for use in implementing the Internet of Things

Computer application software for streaming audio-visual media content via the internet

Application simulation software

Web application software

Application server software

Web application and server software

E-commerce and e-payment software

Downloadable mobile applications for booking taxis

Downloadable computer software for use as an application programming interface (API)

Software for embedding online advertising on websites

Information technology and audio-visual, multimedia and photographic devices


Apparatus for data storage

Data storage devices

Data storage apparatus

Recording apparatus

Digital signal processing apparatus

Digital amplifiers

Optical amplifiers

Electrical amplifiers

Ultrahigh frequency translator apparatus


Pre amplifiers

Racks for amplifiers

Electronic amplifiers

Data capture apparatus

Data collection apparatus

Aerial amplifiers

Optical semiconductor amplifiers

Digital to analogue converters

Analogue to digital converters

Distribution amplifiers

Speech recognition apparatus

Automatic disc changers

Power amplifiers


Electrical signal attenuators

Amplifier tuners

Telematic apparatus

Telematic terminal apparatus

Encoding and decoding apparatus

Encoding and decoding apparatus and instruments

Acoustic transformers

Radio instruments

Radio machines and apparatus

Pickups for telecommunication apparatus

Radio apparatus and instruments

Amplifiers for bass guitars

Indicator lights for telecommunication apparatus

Dual amplifier balancers

Decoding apparatus

Signal amplifiers

Electroacoustic amplifiers

Communications equipment

Signal cables for IT, AV and telecommunication

Audio/visual and photographic devices

Data processing equipment and accessories

Replicating apparatus

Electronic communications instruments

Electronic communications apparatus

Electronic communication equipment and instruments

Information technology and audiovisual equipment

Data encryption apparatus

Data encoding apparatus

Encoding apparatus

Encryption apparatus


Keyboard amplifiers

Analogue convertors

Control amplifiers

Credit card encoding machines

Mounting brackets adapted for computer monitors

Mounting brackets adapted for computers

Home automation devices

Mounting devices for cameras

Mounting devices for monitors

Imaging devices for scientific purposes

Digital input and output scanners

Audio signal range expanders

Audio expanders

Keypads for routing audio, video, and digital signals

Amplifiers for vehicles

Control units for amplifiers for use in vehicles

Multimedia devices

Multimedia apparatus and instruments

Facial recognition apparatus

Home automation systems

Data storage devices and media

Valve amplifiers


Indicator lights

Multifunctional devices which incorporate copier and facsimile functions in the standalone mode

Demagnetizing apparatus for magnetic tapes


Humanoid robots with artificial intelligence

Security tokens

Electronic agendas

Replicating apparatus

Film reproducing apparatus

Instruments for the reproduction of images

Apparatus for reproduction of images

Image reproducing apparatus

Apparatus for the reproduction of images

Apparatus and instruments for reproducing of images

Photographic printing apparatus

Photographic print-making apparatus

Sound reproduction equipment

Apparatus and instruments for reproducing of sound

Apparatus for reproduction of sound

Sound reproducing equipment

Instruments for the reproduction of sound

Apparatus for the reproduction of sound

Sound reproducing apparatus

Sound generation apparatus

Audio players

Reprographic instruments

Photo-copying machines

Photocopying machines

Photocopy machines

Copying machines

Photocopying apparatus

Xerographic copying machines

Sound reproduction apparatus

Blueprinting machines

Apparatus for the reproduction of information

Instruments for the reproduction of information

Apparatus for the reproduction of data

Toner cartridges, unfilled, for facsimile machines

Ink cartridges, unfilled, for facsimile machines

Xerographic apparatus and instruments

Blueprint apparatus

Ink cartridges, unfilled, for printers and photocopiers

Data processing equipment and accessories (electrical and mechanical)

Instruments for analysing photographs

Artificial intelligence apparatus

Computer interface apparatus

Apparatus for the processing of sound

Character verification apparatus

Character verification instruments

Real-time data processing apparatus

Photo electron spectroscopy analyzers

Personal digital assistants

Personal digital assistants

Personal digital assistants

Photo electron spectroscopy analyzers, not for medical purposes

Personal digital assistants

Multichannel analyzers

Voucher reading apparatus

X-ray analyzers

Physical analysing apparatus

Peripherals adapted for use with computers

Computer peripheral apparatus

Peripheral equipment for computers

Computer peripheral equipment

Peripheral devices

Electronic data processing equipment

Electrical and electronic apparatus for processing data

Electrical and electronic instruments for processing data

Electronic data processing apparatus

Storage apparatus for computer data

Storage apparatus for computer programs

Image setting apparatus

Speech processing equipment

Mechanised coding apparatus

Audio processing apparatus

Flue gas analyzers

Image analyzers

Universal disturbance analyzers

Data conversion apparatus

Engine analyzers

Fluorescence analyzers

Translation apparatus

Language translating apparatus

Luminescence analyzers

Electronic colour analyzers

Data processing apparatus and instruments

Apparatus for data processing

Data-processing apparatus

Apparatus and instruments for processing data

Computer peripheral devices

Invoicing machines

Data processing apparatus

Mathematical instruments

Voting machines



Audio digitisers

Apparatus for the processing of data

Data processing equipment

Tape recording machines

Word processing equipment

Word processing apparatus

Accounting machines

Accounting apparatus

Computers and computer hardware

Payment terminals, money dispensing and sorting devices

Voice response equipment

Petrochemical analyzers

Engine diagnostic apparatus

Photometric analyzers

Air measuring apparatus

Acidity analysers

Chromatogram analyzers for scientific or laboratory use

Spectrum analyzers, other than for medical use

Electronic coding apparatus

Optical character recognition apparatus

Optical character recognition apparatus

Residual gas analyzers

Computerized vehicle engine analyzers

Electric power analyzers

Audiovisual headsets for playing video games

Protective cases for personal digital assistants

Covers for personal digital assistants

Electronic ticket examination machines

Electronic automatic ticket examination machines

Peripheral devices for data reproduction

Servers for home automation

Character recognition apparatus

Physical analyzers

Electronic control systems for machines

Air current testing apparatus

Air current measuring apparatus

Voice command devices

Coolers for processors for data processing apparatus

Apparatus and instruments for reproducing of data

Personal digital assistants in the shape of a watch

Virtual reality headsets adapted for use in playing video games

Data retrieving devices

Food analysis apparatus

Air analysis apparatus

Covers for personal digital assistants


Personal digital assistants

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