Trademark Class 13: Firearms; Ammunition and projectiles;

What is trademark class?

A trademark classification is a tool wherein we can find our business falls into which class and services. Basically trademark classification is divided into 45 classes wherein Trademark class 1 to 34 is for manufacturer and 35 to 45 for service provider. Trademark class is most imperative for getting trademark registration in proper scope of business.

Short Description of trademark Class 13.

Firearms; Ammunition and projectiles; Explosives; Fireworks

Not included in Trademark Class 13:

Edged and blunt weapons are in Trademark Class 8. Scientific research and laboratory apparatus, educational apparatus and simulators are in Trademark Class 9.  Installation, cleaning, repair and maintenance are in Trademark Class 37. Testing, authentication and quality control are in Trademark Class 42.

Trademark class 13

Explosive substances and devices, other than arms pyrotechnics

  • Explosive devices
  • Pyrotechnic articles
  • Nitrocellulose
  • Nitrate of ammonia explosives
  • Radio controlled miniature aerial targets for military use
  • Nitrating liquids used as explosives
  • Acetyl-nitrocellulose
  • Ammonium nitrate explosives

Weapons and ammunition

  • Anti-tank mines
  • Small arms
  • Armored turrets
  • Cases for large size ammunition
  • Shells for large size ammunition
  • Automatic revolvers
  • Ammunition and projectiles
  • Armaments installations
  • Armour-piercing incendiary projectiles
  • Air-to-surfaces missiles
  • Automatic pistols
  • Automatic guns
  • Automatic rifles
  • Anti submarine torpedoes fitted with warheads
  • Actuators being parts of weapons
  • Shotgun ammunition
  • Butts for small arms
  • Grips for small arms
  • Launchers for ammunition
  • Cannon carriages
  • Explosive devices for minefield breaching
  • Air pistols
  • Unmanned remote-controlled powered aircraft for use as military targets
  • Air pistol bullets
  • Air pistol slugs
  • Cleaning implements for firearms
  • Pull-throughs for small arms
  • Smoke missiles for armoured vehicles and tanks
  • Weapons for launching missiles and projectiles
  • Small arms
  • Air guns
  • Air guns
  • Pyrotechnic thrust generators for steering airborne weapons
  • Conventional air delivered weapons
  • Anti-aircraft guns
  • Actuators being parts of weapon ejecting installations
  • Naval anti-submarine torpedo carrier systems
  • Explosive devices for minefield clearance
  • Guided artillery projectiles
  • Armaments
  • Adjusting knobs for gun sights
  • Sighting devices for firearms
  • Ammunition for guns
  • Firearms
  • Actuators being parts of weapon loading installations
  • Pyrotechnic ammunition
  • Pellets
  • Armor piercing projectiles
  • Armour-piercing projectiles
  • Combination pistols and rifles
  • Spring-activated spearguns
  • Air rifles
  • Propelling pyrotechnic mixtures for ammunition
  • Detonation devices for blasting underwater mines
  • Rifle ammunition
  • Aerial bombs
  • Armour-piercing incendiary projectiles for use by aircraft
  • Rocket artillery projectiles
  • Explosive devices for minefield breaching and minefield clearance
  • Armour-piercing projectiles for use by aircraft
  • Automatic carbines
  • Smoke missiles for armoured vehicles
  • Mirrors for guns and rifles
  • Aiming mirrors for rifles
  • Air-to-air missiles
  • Artillery guns
  • Artillery
  • Guns
  • Artillery pieces
  • Cannons
  • Medium calibre ammunition
  • Small arms ammunition
  • Long-range artillery guns
  • Projecting apparatus for bombs
  • Projecting apparatus for missiles
  • Projecting apparatus for grenades
  • Ship-to-air missiles
  • Air gun pellets
  • Weapon apparatus
  • Smoke projectiles for torpedo tube artillery
  • Aiming sights
  • Armor piercing shells
  • Air shot
  • Protective shields adapted for firearms
  • Holders, holsters, magazines and cartridges, for weapons and ammunition
  • Side arms
  • Cartridge loading apparatus
  • Gun carriages
  • Artillery guns
  • Ammunition
  • Trigger guards for guns and rifles
  • Hammers for guns and rifles
  • Sighting mirrors for guns and rifles
  • Pistols
  • Ammunition for firearms
  • Sights, other than telescopic sights, for artillery
  • Air pistols

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