Trademark Class 12: Vehicles; Apparatus for Locomotion by Land

Short Description of trademark Class 12

Vehicles; Apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water

What is trademark class?

A trademark classification is a tool wherein we can find our business falls into which class and services. Basically trademark classification is divided into 45 classes wherein Trademark class 1 to 34 is for manufacturer and 35 to 45 for service provider. Trademark class is most imperative for getting trademark registration in proper scope of business.

Not included in Trademark Class 12:

Paint and washes, Coating, dyes include are in Trademark Class 2. Vehicle cleaning preparations are in Trademark Class 3.Fuels and illuminants are in Trademark Class 4. Structures and transportable buildings of metal are in Trademark Class 6. Repair and maintenance are in Trademark class 8. Vehicle lighting and lighting reflectors are in Trademark class 11. Vehicle mats and carpets are in Trademark class 27. Transportation and delivery of goods are in Trademark class 39.

Trademark class 12

Vehicles and conveyances

Automatic guided vehicles


Vehicles incorporating apparatus for loading

Vehicles incorporating apparatus for tipping

Apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water

Vehicles adapted for military purposes

Amphibious craft

Vehicles for animal transport

Cable transport apparatus and installations

Vehicles for locomotion by land, air, water or rail

Aerial conveyors

Cars for cable transport installations

Amphibious vehicles

Vehicles adapted for the disabled

Air cushion borne vehicles

Air-cushion vehicles


Air and space vehicles

Parts and fittings for vehicles

Land vehicles and conveyances

Transport apparatus and installations

Conveying installations for the transportation

Autonomous vehicles

Air cushion vehicles

Land vehicles and conveyances

Mobility conveyances

Motorised buggies for disabled, those with mobility difficulties

Motorised scooters for disabled, those with mobility difficulties

Vehicles for physically handicapped, those of reduced mobility

Motorised wheelchairs for disabled, those with mobility difficulties

Rail vehicles

Railway passenger cars

Platform cars

Railway cars

Cable cars

Telpher railways

Railway freight cars

Electric railway cars

Sleeping cars

Air and space vehicles

Unmanned aerial vehicles


Unmanned aerial vehicles

Pilotless aircraft

Jet aircraft



Propeller airplanes

Tilt rotor aircraft

Powered vehicles for use in air

Turbo-jet airplanes

Vehicles for travel by air


Light aircraft

Turbo-prop airplanes



Hot air balloons

Apparatus for locomotion by air

Military aircraft


Dirigible balloons

Electrically powered aircraft


Ultralight aircraft

Ultralight airplanes

Amphibious airplanes


Air vehicles

Aeronautical apparatus, machines and appliances

Water vehicles


Aircraft carriers

Ships adapted for combat

Apparatus for locomotion by water

Remotely operated vehicles for underwater inspections

Autonomous underwater vehicles for seabed inspections

Parts and fittings for vehicles

Vehicle tires and continuous tracks for vehicles

Tracks for armoured vehicles

Spiked tires to assist the traction of vehicles in snow

Adhesive rubber patches for repairing tubes or tires

Tires for wheels of aircraft

Tyres for aircraft

Anti-static strips for vehicles

Air pumps for inflating bicycle tyres

Air pumps for bicycles for inflation of tyres

Air pumps for bicycles

Patches for repairing inner tubes

Inner tubes

Anti-skid chains for vehicle tires

Inner tubes for automobile tires

Inner tubes

Automobile wheels

Wheels for aircraft

Casters for trolleys

Casters for trolleys

Tyres for automobiles

Automobile tires

Pneumatic tyres, inner tubes for motorcycles

Aircraft landing gear wheels

Aircraft landing wheels

Landing gear wheels for aircraft

Landing gear wheels of aircraft

Spiked tires to assist, traction for vehicles in icy conditions


Alloy wheels for vehicles

Wheels for automobiles

Wheels for railway cars

Air pumps

Non-skid devices for vehicle tires

Anti-skid chains

Anti-skid textile covers for tires


Automobile spare wheel holders

Tyre chains

Wheel rims for automobiles

Wheel rims for motor cars

Rims for automobiles

Wheel rims

Non-skid devices for vehicle tires



Non-skid devices for vehicle wheel tires

Automobile chains

Air pumps for motorcycles

Pneumatic tires for automobiles

Anti-slide chains for vehicle wheels

Inner tubes for aircraft tires

Inner tubes

Tyres for agricultural vehicles

Hubs for automobile wheels

Wheel hubs for automobiles

Automobile wheel spokes

Automobile wheel hubs

Anti-skid spikes for vehicle tires

Wheel rim protectors for automobiles

Air pumps for two wheelers motor vehicles or bicycles

Air pumps for automobiles

Anti-skid studs for vehicle tires

Tires for landing gear wheels of aircraft

Tires for aircraft landing gear wheels

Non-skid devices for vehicle tyres

Adhesive rubber patches repairing inner tubes

Automobile tyres

Automobile tires

Anti-theft, security and safety devices and equipment for vehicles

Buoyancy bags adapted for use with aircraft

Buoyancy bags adapted for use with watercraft

Warning horns for automobiles

Passenger seat height adjusters

Parachutes for arresting the motion of vehicles

Sound alarms for vehicles

Audible alarms for vehicles

Alarm systems for trucks

Child restraint devices for use with vehicle seats

Sound alarms for vehicles

Alarms for vehicles

Safety belts adapted for use in vehicles

Intruder detecting alarms for vehicles

Reversing alarm transmitters utilising ultrasonics for use on vehicles

Remote alarms for water vehicles

Alarm instruments for vehicles

Horns for motor cars

Alarm systems for cars

Air bags

Warning alarms  for vehicles

Alarms for vehicles

Vehicle anti-theft alarms

Burglar alarms for vehicles

Antitheft alarms for vehicles

Inflatable air bags for use in vehicles for the prevention of injury in accidents

Electrical anti-theft installations for vehicles

Anti-theft devices for land vehicles

Anti-theft devices for motor cars

Anti-theft warning apparatus for motor cars

Safety rims of rubber for the mudguards of cars

Alarms for motor vehicles

Security alarms for vehicles

Safety alarms for vehicles

Anti-theft locks for use on automobile steering wheels

Car theft alarms

Antitheft devices for vehicles

Vehicle booster seats for use with a safety harness

Remote alarms for land vehicles

Safety seats for use in cars

Safety harnesses for auto racing

Reversing alarms for vehicles

Drag parachutes for aircraft

Frames for supporting a child in a vehicle

Alarm systems for motor vehicles

Alarm systems for vehicles

Safety signals for vehicles

Security alarm systems for vehicles

Airbags for vehicles

Children’s safety seats for cars

Safety seats for children for motor cars

Automobile safety seats for children

Alarm systems for watercraft

Electric reversing alarms for vehicles

Commercial alarm systems for vehicles

Reverse motion alarms for vehicles

Warning alarms for vehicles

Reversing warning alarms for use on vehicles

Alarms for vehicles

Alarm systems for aircraft

Alarm systems for land vehicles

Baby, infant and child seats for vehicles

Safety seats for infants and children for vehicles

Anti-theft devices for automobiles

Safety seats adapted for use by children in vehicles

Remote alarms for air vehicles

Air bags

Ejector seats for aircraft

Anti-theft devices for vehicles

Anti-theft alarms for vehicles

Parts and fittings for air and space vehicles

Plastic struts for use on aircraft

Launching gear for air vehicles

Monocoque structures for aircraft

Hoods for aircraft

Brakes for aircraft

Brake linings for aircraft landing gear

Compensating cylinders for the braking systems of airborne vehicles

Gliders and structural parts therefor

Spoilers for air vehicles

Propellers for air vehicles

Seat cushions for the seats of aircraft

Aerofoils for air vehicles

Aerodynamic wings for airplanes

Plastic wings for use on aircraft

Wings of aircraft

Wings for aircraft

Airline seats with a massage function

Propeller blade protectors for aircraft

Glass panels for air vehicles

Glass panels for aircraft

Bodies for aircraft

Aircraft fuselages


Structural parts for airplanes

Airplanes and structural parts therefor

Airplane propellers

Landing gear

Aircraft landing gear

Plastic strakes for use on aircraft

Structural parts for aircraft

Drones with aerial photography feature

Airplane seats

Seats of aircraft

Fuel tanks for aircraft

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