Trademark Class 5: Medicine, Pharmaceuticals Preparations

Short Description of trademark class 5

Pharmaceuticals, medical and veterinary preparations; Sanitary preparations for medical purposes; Dietetic food and substances adapted for medical or veterinary use, food for babies; Dietary supplements for human beings and animals; Plasters, materials for dressings; Material for stopping teeth, dental wax; Disinfectants; Preparations for destroying vermin; Fungicides, herbicides.

What is trademark class?

Trademark registration in India Allows the proprietor to use symbol or words to present their brand name and scope of business and their products that are offered into their business even distinguish the goods and service.

Not included in Trademark Class 5:

Chemical substances, chemical materials and chemical preparations, and natural elements are included in Trademark class 1. Medical and veterinary apparatus and instruments are in trademark class 10.  Medical and pharmacological research services are in Trademark class 42. Human healthcare services Medical services Pharmaceutical services are in Trademark class 45.

Dietary supplements and dietetic preparations

Food for babies

Dietetic foods adapted for infants

Powdered milk for babies and infants

Food preparations for babies and infants

Food for babies and infants

Dietary supplements for animals

Vitamins for animals

Mineral dietary supplements for animals

Vitamin and mineral supplements for pets

Dietetic food adapted for veterinary use

Dietetic substances adapted for veterinary use

Medical foodstuff additives for veterinary use

Vitamin supplements for animals

Neutraceutical preparations for animals

Medicated animal feed

Dental preparations and articles, and medicated dentifrices

Gold amalgam for dental purposes


Abrasive fluids for dental use

Synthetic resins for use in dentistry


Amalgams for dental use


Antiseptic mouthwashes

Antiseptic mouthwashes for rinsing

Cleaners for sterilising dental instruments

Alloys of precious metal for use in dentistry and dentistry technology


Chromatic alginate dental impression material

Amalgam for dental purposes

Abrasive pads for dental purposes

Cements for dental prostheses

Dental adhesives

Adhesives for dental use

Metal alloys for dental use

Dental resin for temporary bridges, crowns and veneers

Orthodontic alginate impression materials

Ceramic alloys used in dental crowns

Anticavity mouthwash

Medicated anti-cavity mouthwashes

Sanitary preparations and articles

First aid boxes sold filled

First aid kits

First-aid kits

Filled first aid kits

Cleaning solvents for removing adhesive plasters

Cleaners [preparations] for sterilising surgical instruments

Antimicrobial clay

Disinfectants and antiseptics

Absorbent articles for personal hygiene

Air sanitizing preparations

Antibacterial clay preparations

Medicated and sanitising soaps and detergents

First-aid boxes, filled

Disinfectants and antiseptics

Antiseptic preparations

Antibacterial preparations

Anti-bacterial preparations

Alcohol for medicinal purposes

Antiseptic sprays in aerosol form for use on the skin

Alcohol swabs for medical purposes

Antiseptic washing preparations

Disinfectants for medical instruments

Antiseptic cleansers

Antiseptics with therapeutic effect

Sterilising agents

Antibacterial sprays

Disinfectants for dental apparatus and instruments

Tissues impregnated with antibacterial preparations

Disinfectants for medical apparatus and instruments

Antibacterial hand lotions

Antiseptic cotton


Aseptic cotton

Antiseptic preparations for wound care

Antiseptic body care preparations

Antiseptic ointments


Rubbing alcohol

Sulphur sticks as disinfectants

Absorbent articles for personal hygiene

Absorbent sanitary articles

Absorbent diapers of cellulose for pets

Absorbent diapers of paper for pets

Nappies for babies and incontinents

Nappies for babies and incontinents

Adult diapers

Pants, absorbent, for incontinents


Disposable pants of paper for holding a babies napkin in place

Disposable babies’ diapers of paper and cellulose

Disposable adult diapers

Nappies as baby diapers

Incontinence garments

Disposable swim diapers for children and infants

Disposable pants of cellulose for holding a babies’ napkin in place

Pants, absorbent, for incontinence

Medicated and sanitising soaps and detergents

Animal washes

Anti-bacterial face washes

Antibiotic hand wash

Animal washes

Anti-bacterial soap

Anti-microbial hand wash

Insecticidal animal shampoo

Insecticidal animal shampoos

Antibacterial soap

Antibacterial hand washes

Pest control preparations and articles

Animal washes

Fly catching adhesive


Animal repellents

Animal repellent formulations

Repellents for animals

Aquatic herbicides

Algae removing preparations

Insect attractants

Anti-parasitic collars

Anti-parasitic collars for animals

Collars for animals

Anti-flea collars for pets

Animal flea collars

Fungicidal fungal agents

Agricultural pesticides

Pesticides for agricultural use

Algicides for agricultural use

Miticides for agricultural use

Mosquito killing preparations for application to mosquito nets

Mosquito repellants for application to the skin

Agricultural biopesticides

Antiparasitic collars for animals

Preparations for destroying noxious animals

Animal washes

Preparations for preventing the formation of algae in water

Insect repellent agents

Insect exterminating agents

Fungicides for agricultural use

Anti-horse-fly oils


Herbicides for agricultural use

Anti-horsefly oils

Fumigating sticks as disinfectants

Anti fly lotion

Insecticides for agricultural use

Anti-insect sprays

Algaecide for swimming pools

Preparations to prevent chewing or biting by animals

Herbicide for agricultural use

Anti-insect spray

Powders for killing fleas on animals

Antiparasitic preparations from plant sources

Antiparasitic preparations from chemical sources

Antiparasitic preparations for pets

Algicides for swimming pools

Acaricides for industrial purposes

Sandalwood for use as an insect repellent


Glue coated strips for use against vermin

Insect repellents for use on animals

Synthetic biocides

Insecticidal animal shampoo

Aquatic algaecide

Aquatic weed killers

Chemical preparations for treating diseases affecting cereal plants

Insecticidal animal shampoos

Fly catching adhesives


Cedar wood for use as an insect repellent


Chemical preparations for treating diseases affecting vine plants

Medical and veterinary preparations and articles

Live organs and tissues for surgical purpose

Arterial grafts

Human allograft tissue

Coronary artery bypass grafts

Diagnostic preparations and materials

Reagents for analytical purposes

X-ray contrast agents

Reagents for analytical purposes

Reagents for microbiological analysis

Reagents for use with analyzers

Diagnostic agents for pharmaceutical use

Reagents for use with analyzers

Antiserums for diagnostic purposes

Contrast media for use with X-ray equipment

Contrasting agents for diagnostic ultrasound imaging

Contrast media for use with medical equipment

Medical diagnostic reagents and assays for testing of body fluids

Contrast media for use with medical ultrasound apparatus

Diagnostic preparations for medical and veterinary use

Reagents and media for medical and veterinary diagnostic purposes

Reagents for use in analysis

Reagents for microbiological analysis

Reagents for use in analysis

Microorganisms for medical and veterinary use

Cultures of microorganisms for medical and veterinary use

Microorganisms for medical and veterinary use

Preparations of microorganisms for medical and veterinary use

Diagnostic agents for medical use

Chemical preparations for use in dna analysis

Bacteriological preparations for medical and veterinary use

Pharmaceuticals and natural remedies

Reducing sexual activity

Immunotherapeutic agents for bacterial infections

Adrenal hormone preparations

Antibiotic preparations

Topical ophthalmic anti-infective substances for the treatment of infections

Local anaesthetics

Antibiotics for veterinary use


Malt albumin for pharmaceutical use

Topical anesthetics

Acne cream

Acne creams

Local anesthetics

Sulphonamides as medicines

Analgesic balm

Athletes’ foot powders


Allergy relief medication

Antineoplastic drugs

Almonds for pharmaceutical purposes

Milk of almonds for pharmaceutical purposes

Nasal drops for the treatment of allergies

Antifungal antibiotics

Antifungal preparations

Acne cleansers

Topical anti-infective substances for the treatment of infections of the eye

Antihemorrhoidal preparations



Antibiotics for use in dentistry

Antibiotics for human use

Antibiotic dermatological products

Antiallergic medicines

Topical analgesic creams

Anaesthetic preparations

Spermicides for application to condoms

Pharmaceutical preparations for animal skincare

Pharmaceutical products for skin care for animals


Artificial tea



Artificial tears

Beverages adapted for medicinal purposes

Skin treatment for animals

Anti-fungal dermatological preparations for use on the nails

Antibacterial preparations

Anti-bacterial preparations

Medicated ointments for application to the skin

Effervescent analgesic pharmaceutical preparations

Antibacterials for pharmaceutical use

Antibacterial pharmaceuticals

Anti-bacterial pharmaceutical preparations

Elixirs for relieving asthma


Ammonia inhalants

Moist wipes impregnated with a pharmaceutical lotion

Antihemorrhoidal ointments

Analgesic preparations

Medicated supplements for animal feedstuffs

Medicated supplements for foodstuffs for animals

Anti-motion sickness agents


Antiviral preparations

Antiviral antibiotics

Anti-viral agents


Antacid preparations

Androgen preparations


Antibiotics in the form of lotions

Aspirin in tablet form

Appetite stimulant preparations

Allergy medications

Medicines for animals

Pharmaceutical preparations and substances for use in gynecology

Pharmaceutical preparations and substances for use in the field of anesthesia

Pharmaceutical preparations and substances for use in urology

Pharmaceutical preparations and substances for use in oncology

Pharmaceutical preparations and substances with analgesic properties

Pharmaceutical preparations and substances for the prevention of cancer

Pharmaceutical preparations and substances with anti-inflammatory properties

Pharmaceutical preparations and substances with antipyretic properties

Pharmaceutical preparations and substances for the treatment of cancer

Drug delivery agents

Pharmaceutical preparations for treating asthma

Topical analgesics

Oral analgesics

Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of eye diseases and conditions

Anti-adhesion gels for use with wound drainage devices

Corn and callus creams

Synthetic narcotics

Medicinal preparations and substances

Viscoelastic agents for eye use

Antibacterial gels

Topical first aid gels

Athlete’s foot lotions

Lotions for treating athlete’s foot

Anti-infective antibiotics

Athlete’s foot preparations

Antitumor drugs

Synthetic peptides for pharmaceutical purposes

Alcohol for topical use

Sal ammoniac lozenges

Ibuprofen for use as an oral analgesic

Coca alkaloid preparations for medical use

Barrier lotions for protection against poisonous plants

Antipyretic drugs with sedative effect

Nutritional supplements made of starch adapted for medical use

Anti-inflammatory sprays

Anti-inflammatory gels

Antibiotic tablets


Anesthetics for surgical use

Pharmaceutical antiallergic preparations and substances

Anesthetics for non-surgical use

Antidiarrheal medicines

Pharmaceutical preparations and substances

Astringents for medical use

Almond oil for pharmaceutical purposes

Antimicrobial preparations for inhibiting microbiological decomposition

Anti-itch ointments

Anti-itch creams

Viscoelastic agents for ophthalmic purposes

Pharmaceutical preparations for activating cellular function

Pharmaceutical preparations for immunity adjustment

Mineral preparations and substances for medical use

Plant and herb extracts for medicinal use

Topical gels for medical and therapeutic use

Vaccine adjuvants

Allergy tablets

Vaginal antifungals

Hypolipidemic agents

Injectable pharmaceuticals for treatment of anaphylactic reactions

Probiotic preparations for medical use to help maintain a natural balance of flora in the digestive system

Multi-purpose medicated analgesic balms

Isopropyl alcohol for medical use

Multi-purpose medicated antibiotic creams

Antibiotic creams

Allergy capsules


Anti-infective preparations

Antibiotic ointments

Alcohol-based antibacterial skin sanitizer gels

Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of autoimmune diseases

Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of immune system related diseases and disorders

Activated charcoal used as an antidote to poisons

Pharmaceutical preparations for treating allergic rhinitis

Allergy medication

Pharmaceutical preparations and substances for the treatment of gastro-intestinal diseases

Anti-inflammatory preparations


Aldehydes for pharmaceutical purposes

Anti-uric preparations

Antiparasitic preparations

Medicines for alleviating constipation

Almond milk for pharmaceutical purposes


Anticryptogamic preparations




Anti-leprotic agents

Pharmaceutical agents affecting peripheral nervous system

Pharmaceutical agents affecting sensory organs

Vaccines against flu

Anti-sarcoma preparations

Gastrointestinal cleaning agents

Antimicrobials for dermatologic use

Anti-epileptic pharmaceutical preparations

Pharmaceutical agents for epidermis


Asthma treatment preparations

Antibacterial substances for medical purposes

Acne medication

Thyroid and parathyroid hormone preparations

Anticancer preparations

Anti-diabetic pharmaceuticals


Amino acids for medical or veterinary purposes

Antipyretic analgesics


Anti-infective products for veterinary use




Antitoxic sera

Pharmaceutical agents for treating physically caused lesions

Hypoglycemic agents

Anti-diabetic preparations

Veterinary vaccines for bovine animals


Mixed antibiotic preparations

Anti-cancer preparations

Vaccines against pneumococcal infections

Antibacterial substances for medical use


Preparations for the treatment of asthma

Inhaled pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of respiratory diseases and disorders

Antidiabetic pharmaceuticals

Medical dressings, coverings and applicators

Adhesive skin patches for medical use

Compresses for use as dressings

Adhesive films for medical use

Moist paper hand towels impregnated with a pharmaceutical lotion

Adhesive plaster

Adhesive dressing strips

Synthetic material for use in setting bones

Double sided adhesive tapes for medical use

Self adhesive dressings

Adhesive dressings

Adhesive compositions for medical use

Gauzes for use as dressings

Absorbent cotton for medical purposes

Absorbent cotton wadding

First aid dressings

Absorbent cotton wool

Sterile plastic films for use as bandaging

Plasters incorporating a magnet

Synthetic resins for medical use

Adhesive bandages

Adhesive strips for medical purposes

Adhesive backed films for medical purposes

Adhesive patches for medical purposes

Adhesive band for medical use

Tapes, for medical purposes

Bands, for medical purposes

Medical and surgical dressings

Dissolvable strips to stop bleeding from minor cuts and grazes

Anti-inflammatory analgesic plasters

Adhesive bandages for skin wounds

Adhesive plasters for medical purposes

Antiseptic cotton

Aseptic cotton

Antiseptic liquid bandages

Mole skin for use as a medical bandage

Synthetic material for use in producing casts

Impregnated antiseptic wipes

Moleskin for use as a medical bandage

Nicotine patches for use as aids to stop smoking

Adhesive bands for medical purposes

Adhesive tapes for medical purposes

Absorbent cotton

Absorbent wadding

Adhesive plasters

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