Trademark Class 7: Machines, power operated tools etc

Short Description of trademark Class 7.

Machines, machine tools, power-operated tools; Motors and engines, except for land vehicles; Machine coupling and transmission components, except for land vehicles; Agricultural implements, other than hand-operated hand tools; Incubators for eggs; Automatic vending machines

What is trademark class?

Brand Registration in India can be defined as a unique identity that makes it different from company and its products and stand out separate from others. A Trademark registration is an intangible asset and also intellectual property. A Registered Brand helps in protecting the investor’s interest in creating brand monopoly into market though the registered brand has created by trust and loyalty among customers.

Registered Brand has an intellectual property, its owner get right to sue against others who ever tries to copy the brand name, products using name into similar scope of business or industry.

Not included in Trademark class 7:

Lubricants and industrial greases, waxes and fluid are in Trademark class 4. Cutting, drilling, grinding, sharpening and surface treatment hand tools are in Trademark class 8. Measuring, detecting, monitoring and controlling devices are in Trademark class 9. Rental of tools, plant and equipment for construction, demolition, cleaning and maintenance are in Trademark class 37. Treatment and transformation of materials are in Trademark class 40. Science and technology services Engineering services are in Trademark class 42.

Agricultural, earthmoving, construction, oil and gas extraction and mining equipment

Agricultural, gardening and forestry machines and apparatus

Loaders for agricultural machines

Grass collecting machines

Lawn sweepers

Fertilizer spreading machines

Fertiliser broadcasters

Cattle skinning instruments

Cattle shearers

Chopping machines

Round bale choppers

Manure spreaders

Tractor-towed fertilizer applicators

Agricultural implements being trailer mounted

Hedge trimmers

Hopper loaders


Edging tools

Horticultural machines

Agricultural machines for soil working

Agricultural machines for ground cultivation

Tillers for towing behind vehicles

Scarifying machines for garden use

Soil engaging parts for agricultural implements

Fertilizer distributors

Hay balers

Hay rakes


Rice grain sorting machines

Forestry machines


Soybean reaping cutters

Power-operated lawn aerators

Grain harvesters

Hay grippers

Fodder mixing machines

Lopping shears

Thrashing machines

Sheep shearing machines

Mulberry leaf chopping machines

Brushwood cutters



Hedge cutters

Flame sprayers for burning vegetation

Rice transplanting machines

Sprayers for use in agriculture


Horticultural implements

Rice planting machines

Agricultural machine tools

Gravity fed machines for mounting on sowing machines

Lawn and garden string trimmer spools

Turnip cutting machines

Tree branch pruners

Ploughs being agricultural machines




Electronic feeders for animals

Mowing machines

Broadcast seeders




Seedling processing machines


Chaff spreaders

Liquid manure sliders

Chaff cutters

Agricultural seed planting machine

Tilling machines

Machines for use in agriculture

Machines for agricultural use

Sprayers for use in agriculture

Agricultural machines for cultivating

Agricultural machines for ploughing

Agricultural machines for grass collecting

Atomisers being parts for agricultural crop spraying machines

Row fertiliser spreaders

Straw bale spreaders

Animal feed hoppers

Sprayers for agricultural use in spraying fungicide

Sprayers for agricultural use in spraying herbicide

Towable spraying apparatus for agricultural use

Bailing machines


Shredding machines

Fertiliser spreaders

Lawn edge trimmers

Lawn mowing attachments for vehicles

Agricultural spraying machines

Clearing saws

Brush cutters


Single seed sowing machines

Stubble cutting machines

Muck spreaders

Belts for farm vehicle machines

Balers for agricultural use

Barking machines

Saw-tooth setting machines

Construction machines

Tunnelling machine

Concrete placing machines

Roadway construction machines

Road construction achines

Road marking vehicles

Kerb laying machines

Kerb making machines

Road rolling machines

Concrete mixing machines

Cement mixers


Asphalt finishers

Asphalt paving machines

Concrete finishing machines

Crack routers

Line marking machines

Pavement machines

Road marking machines

Asphalt mixers

Asphalt mixers

Machines for mixing asphalt

Tunnel boring machines

Pipe laying machines

Concrete mixers

Fixed machines for pressing asphalt

Pavement profilers

Glazing machines

Compacting machines

Refuse pressing machines


Road paving machines

Roadway paving machines

Road rolling machines

Concrete construction machines

Tamping rollers

Pile drivers

Concrete paving machines

Construction machines

Bitumen making machines

Rail-laying machines

Satinizing machines

Tarring machines

Road building machines

Road making machines

Railroad constructing machines

Pumps, compressors and blowers

Fiber blowing machines

Compressors as parts of machines, motors and engines

Compressors for dehumidifying machines

Water pumps for aerating aquaria

Screw air compressors

Oil-well pumping machines

Vacuum pads for vacuum pump machines

Rotary air compressors

Pumps being parts of washing machines

Jets being parts of machines

Aerating pumps

Aeration pumps for bodies of water

Pumping apparatus

High-pressure pumps for washing appliances and installations

Water pumps for use in motors and engines

Compressors for recovering and recycling refrigerant gases

Air compressors for vehicle compressed air systems

Compressors for air conditioners

Compressors for air conditioning apparatus

Pumps for the extraction of liquids

Pumps as parts of machines, motors and engines

Pumps for aerosols

Air pumps

Water pumps for aerating ponds


Aeration pumps for aquaria



Pump-motor assemblies

Pumps for machines

Pumping units

Pumps for the beverage industry

Aquarium pumps

Air blowing machines

Air blowers

Pumping station assemblies

Air compressor pumps

Water extracting machines

Self-regulating pumps

Gas actuated rams

Tyre inflating machines



Unloading check valves for the outlets of air compressors

Automatic inlet control valves for reciprocating air compressors

Aquarium air stones

Axial flow compressors

Axial flow blowers

Blowing machines for the compression, exhaustion and transport of gases

Drainage machines

Industrial vacuum machines for use in manufacture

Suction machines for scavenging purposes

Pressure intensifiers

Air compressors

Air compressors

Compressors for machines

Machines utilising compressed air

Air compressing apparatus

Aeration pumps for ponds

Water supply machines

Compressing machines

Air compressors for vehicles

Air condensers

Suction valves for air compressors

Pumps for the extraction of gases

Robotic compressed air pumps

Compressors for air handlers

Compressors for laundry washing machines

Compressors for clothes dryers

Water pumps for use in aquariums

Air pumps for use in terrariums

Pumps for use in the food industry

Pumps for the extraction of vapour

Pumps for aerating indoor aquariums

Pressurising machines for drums

Axial flow pumps

Axial pumps

Machines for inflating balloons

Wave-making pumps for aquariums


Aerating pumps for aquaria


Fans for the compression, sucking and carrying of grain

Blowing machines for the compression, sucking and carrying of grain

Compressed air machines

Blowing machines or fans for the compression, sucking and carrying of grain

Suction machines for industrial purposes

Air pumps

Vacuum pumps



Compressed air pumps

Air suction machines

Feeding apparatus for engine boilers

Industrial robots

Robotic apparatus for handling materials

Robotic swimming pool cleaning machines

Robots with articulated arms for manipulating workpieces

Robotic cleaning machines for floors

Robotic electrical welding apparatus

Robotic electrical welding machines

Robotic electric welding apparatus

Robotic arms for industrial purposes

Robotic cleaning machines for floors

Robotic cleaning machines

Robotic painting machines

Automatic robotic spray guns for paint

Robotic electric punching machines

Robotic mechanisms used in agriculture

Robotic filling machines

Robotic packaging machines

Industrial robot sewing machines

Industrial robot washing machines

Robotic guns for compressed liquid spraying machines

Robotic jigsaw machines

Robotic electric arc cutting apparatus

Robotic guns for compressed air spraying machines

Robotic compressed air pumps

Robotic finishing machines

Industrial robot textile milling machines

Robotic labelling machines

Robotic plugging machines

Robotic electric arc welding apparatus

Industrial robot tentering machines

Industrial robot scotching machines

Robotic welding machines

Robotic handling apparatus

Automated robotic handling apparatus for loading and unloading of goods

Generators of electricity

Carbon brushes for alternators

Emergency power supply generators

Engines and motors for the generation of electricity

Power supply apparatus

Electric power generators for emergency use

Inert gas generators

Uninterruptible power supplies for the generation of electrical energy

Direct current generator brushes

Stators being parts of machines

Uninterruptible power supply generating machines

AC generators

Alternating current generators

Electric alternating current generators

Electric alternators



Emergency power generators

Moving and handling equipment

Opening and closing mechanisms

Drape winding machines

Curtain drawing devices electrically operated

Window opening devices

Hydraulic door openers and closers

Door openers and closers

Pneumatic door openers and closers

Door openers and closers

Automatic door apparatus

Curtain drawing devices, electrically operated

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