Trademark Class 28: Games, Toys, Video Game Apparatus

Short description of trademark class 28

Games, toys and playthings; Video game apparatus; Gymnastic and sporting articles; Decorations for Christmas trees

What is trademark registration?

Trademark Registration can be defined as unique identity for Brands and companies or services to stand out from rest of other brand and companies. After trademark registered in India no other organization or company can use the same name or logo.

Registered Trademark provides rights to sue other who tries to copy the similar brand name or logo. Once any company or brand name registered in trademark though it becomes the intellectual property which can also be defined has intangible asset for company. Which helps in protecting the investment into creating the brand name, its loyalty and trust among customers.

What is trademark class?

A trademark classification is a tool wherein we can find our business falls into which class and services. Basically trademark classification is divided into 45 classes wherein class 1 to 34 is for manufacturer and 35 to 45 for service provider.

Excluded in trademark class 28

Games software is in Trademark Class 9. Printed matter, and stationery and educational supplies is in Trademark class 16. Clothing is in Trademark class 25. Artificial ground coverings is in Trademark Class 27. Toys, games, and playthings is in Trademark class 28. Retail and wholesale services is in Trademark class 35. Computer communication and Internet access is in Trademark class 38. Packaging and storage of goods is in Trademark class 39. Video game services is in Trademark class 41. Software development, programming and implementation is in Trademark Class 42. Legal services is in Trademark class 45.

Sporting articles and equipment

Hurdles for use in athletics

Shin pads for athletic use

Shin guards for athletic use

Artificial climbing walls

Archery targets

Bows for Japanese archery

Electronic targets for games and sports

Balls being sporting articles

Fitted protective covers specially adapted for golf clubs

Divot repair tools being golf accessories


Tennis bags shaped to contain a racket

Knee guards for athletic use

Protective supports for shoulders and elbows

Protectors for elbows for use when riding bicycles

Containers adapted for holding darts

Indoor fitness apparatus

Ankle and wrist weights for exercise

Wrist and ankle weights for exercise

Leg guards adapted for playing sport

Knee pads for athletic use

Sports bows


Body-building apparatus

Cue extensions


Golf swing alignment apparatus

Cases in the form of quivers for sports implements

Apparatus for launching clay pigeons

Apparatus for launching clay plates

Leg guards for athletic use

Volleyball net antennas

Archery implements

Shoulder pad laces for athletic use

Sleds being sports articles



Tennis ball throwing machines

Tennis ball serving machines

Kick pads for martial arts

Shoulder pad lacelocks for athletic use

Synthetic strings for use with rackets

Stationary exercise bicycles and rollers therefor

Athletic protective elbow pads for skateboarding

Rowing machines for fitness purposes

Rowing machines

Water rowing machines for fitness purposes

Spring boards

Golf practice apparatus

Golf training aids


Martial arts training equipment


Grips for sporting articles

Hand protectors adapted for sporting use


Body training apparatus

Non-slip resin sprays for use by athletes

Cycling machines

Nine-pin bowling alleys

Bowling machines

Covers for sporting articles

Protective vests for martial arts

Athletic protective knee pads for skateboarding

Athletic protective elbow pads for skating

Tennis nets and uprights

Protectors for elbows for use when skateboarding



Machines incorporating weights for use in physical exercise

Weight lifting machines for exercise

Ski bindings and parts therefor

Stands specially adapted for holding golf clubs

Pumps especially adapted for use with balls for games

Portable home gymnastic apparatus

Inflatable swimming pools

Articles for use in archery

Apparatus for archery

Archery apparatus

Athletic protective knee pads for skating

Athletic protective knee pads for cycling

Ammunition for paintball guns

Billiard equipment

Body toner apparatus

Bags adapted for carrying sporting articles

Cases adapted for carrying sporting apparatus

Chest protectors adapted for playing the sport of taekwondo

Cases adapted for sporting articles

Bags adapted for sporting articles

Ball inflator adaptors

Protectors for the knees for use when skateboarding

Articles for playing golf

Protective padded articles for use in playing the game of cricket

Pool bridges

Billiard game playing equipment

Vaulting poles

Stands for jogging machines

Sports training apparatus

Tennis uprights

Athletic protective arm pads for skating

Rehabilitation apparatus

Archery bows

Athletic protective arm pads for cycling

Athletic protective elbow pads for cycling


Fitness exercise machines

Physical exercises

Shin pads

Shin protectors


Aerobic step machines

Aerobic steps

Chest pads for American football

Elbow pads for American football

Body protectors for American football

Manually operated exercise equipment

Sports equipment

Golf flags

Non-telescopic bow sights for archery

Face protectors for athletic use

Bags adapted for bowling balls

Leg weights

Fitted protective covers specially adapted for tennis rackets

Baseball and softball rubbing mud

Archery bow stringers

Finger tabs for archery

Ribbons specially adapted for rhythmic sportive gymnastics

Abdomen protectors for Taekwondo


Ammunition for paintball guns


Paintballs sports apparatus

Slingshots being sports articles

Running machines

Target launchers

Shoulder pads for American football

Leg pads for American football

Fencing equipment

Girdles for American football

Knee pads for American football

Chest protectors for athletic use

Radio-controlled miniature aerial targets for sports

Badminton equipment

Duck blinds

Archery bow cases

Archery arrow points

Archery arm guards

Archery finger tabs

Machines for physical exercises

Knee guards

Spring boards


Tennis ball throwing apparatus

Divot repair tools

Weight lifting belts

Pitch mark repair tools

Bows for archery

Body-training apparatus

Shin guards

Swimming pool air floats

Ball pitching machines


Men’s athletic supporters

Bowling apparatus and machinery

Rosin used by athletes

Batting gloves

Athletic protective wrist pads for skateboarding

Containers adapted for holding darts flights

Baseball pitching machines

Hunting and fishing equipment

Swimming equipment

Curling brooms

Fist protectors

Fist guards


Dye paintballs for use as projectiles in war games

Shoulder pad elastic for athletic use

Leg weights for athletic use

Volleyball game playing equipment

Volleyball equipment

Gymnastic articles

Gymnastic apparatus


Pool cushions

Bindings for alpine skis


Bags adapted to hold fencing equipment

Shock absorbtion pads for protection against injury


Bowling bags

Athletic protective arm pads for skateboarding

Wrist guards for athletic use

Archery quivers

Palm protectors for athletic use

Waist protectors for athletic use

Abdomen protectors for athletic use

Arm protectors for athletic use

American footballs

Arm guards for sports use

Archery bowstrings

Toys, games, and playthings

Toy traffic control apparatus

Toy aeroplane launching devices

Articles of clothing for dolls

Doll clothing

Sleds for use in downhill amusement rides

Electronic targets for games and sports

Clothes for European dolls

Animal replicas as playthings

Toy clocks and watches

Toy household apparatus

Imitation toilet articles being toys

Infants’ action crib toys

Model cars

Scale model cars

Scale model cars

Toy model cars

Model cars



Air pistols

Toy cameras

Toy camping apparatus

Toy cars

Toy automobiles

Toy air vehicles


Toy action figurines

Action figure toys

Toy action figures

Action figures

Clothing for teddy bears

Toy model kit cars

Motor driven toy animals

Toy bakeware and toy cookware

Scale model airplanes

Model aircraft

Scale model aeroplanes

Children’s multiple activity toy

Children’s multiple activity toys

Flotation apparatus for swimming

Spinning tops incorporating string which rewinds and returns the top to the hand when thrown

Toy environments for use with action figures

Toys for animals

Mechanical action toys

Battery-operated action toys

Dolls’ clothing

Clothing for dolls

Action toys

Cases for action figures

Toys adapted for educational purposes

Tricycles for children for use as playthings

Toy petrol supply apparatus

Indoor play apparatus for children

Toy intruder alert devices

Inflatable toys resembling air vehicles

Skill and action games

Action skill games

Toy exercise apparatus

Playsets for action figures

Play sets for action figures

Pumps especially adapted for use with balls for games

Toy pedal cars

Toy bucket and shovel sets

Toy buckets and spades

Radio controlled toy model cars

Inflatable swimming pools

Aerosol actuator guns

Clothes for Japanese traditional dolls

Toy and novelty face masks

Toys simulating objects used by adults in day to day activity

Toy artificial fingernails

Kits of parts for making toy model cars

Electric action toys

Toys and playthings for pets

Toys for pet animals

Toys, games and playthings for pet animals

Toys and playthings for pet animals

Toy bows and arrows


Toy aeroplanes

Toy aircraft

Toy airplanes

Paper airplanes

Toy arrows

Doll accessories

Cases for play accessories

Accessories for dolls

Children’s multiple activity tables

Swimming pools

Dolls’ clothes

Apparatus for games

Swimming pool air floats

Gyroscopes and flight stabilizers for model aircraft

Plush toys with attached comfort blanket

Articles of clothing for toys

Toy gum machines

Spinning discs incorporating string which rewinds and returns the disc to the hand when thrown

Spools for throwing, incorporating coiled string which unwinds and rewinds returning the spool to the hand

Toy musical boxes

Play apparatus for use in children’s nurseries

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