Trademark Class 41: Education; Providing of Training

What is trademark registration?

Trademark Registration can be defined as unique identity for Brands and companies or services to stand out from rest of other brand and companies. After Trademark registered in India no other organization or company can use the same name or logo.

Registered Trademark provides rights to sue other who tries to copy the similar brand name or logo. Once any company or brand name registered in trademark though it becomes the intellectual property which can also be defined has intangible asset for company. which helps in protecting the investment into creating the brand name, its loyalty and trust among customers.

What is trademark class?

A trademark classification is a tool wherein we can find our business falls into which class and services. Basically trademark classification is divided into 45 classes wherein class 1 to 34 is for manufacturer and 35 to 45 for service provider.

Short description of trademark class 41

Education; Providing of training; Entertainment; Sporting and cultural activities

Excluded in trademark class 41:

Virtual and augmented reality software Trademark class 9. Educational equipment is in Trademark class 16. Video game apparatus, arcade games, and amusement machines are in Trademark class 28. Business assistance, management and administrative services is in Trademark class 35. Financial, monetary and banking services are in Trademark class 36. Provision and rental of telecommunications facilities and equipment is in Trademark class 38. Hosting services, software as a service and rental of software is in Trademark class 42. Food and drink catering is in Trademark class 43.

Publishing, reporting, and writing of texts

Publication and editing of printed matter

Advisory services relating to publishing

Music publishing and music recording services

Providing publications from a global computer network or the internet which may be browsed

Layout services, other than for advertising purposes

Layout services other than for advertising purposes

Publication of electronic books and journals on-line

Online electronic publishing of books and periodicals

Reference libraries of literature and documentary records

Services of reference libraries for literature and documentary records

Publication of electronic newspapers accessible via a global computer network

Providing online non-downloadable comic books and graphic novels

Publication of printed matter relating to pet animals

Publication of documents in the field of training, science, public law and social affairs

Publication of books, magazines, almanacs and journals

Publishing services for books and magazines

Publishing of books and reviews

Book and review publishing

On-line publication of electronic books and journals

On-line publication of electronic books and journals

Publication of the editorial content of sites accessible via a global computer network

Electronic online publication of periodicals and books

Publication of material which can be accessed from databases or from the internet

Publication and edition of books

Publishing of journals, books and handbooks in the field of medicine

Publication of printed matter and printed publications

Literary agency services

News programming services for transmission across the internet

On-line publication of electronic books and journals

Scriptwriting services for non-advertising purposes

Publishing of electronic books and journals online

Publishing of electronic books and journals on-line

Publication of electronic books and journals online

Online publication of electronic books and journals

Scriptwriting, other than for advertising purposes

Providing non-downloadable electronic publications from a global computer network or the Internet

Editing of printed matter containing pictures, other than for advertising purposes

Electronic publication of texts and printed matter, other than publicity texts, on the Internet

Provision of an online magazine featuring information in the field of computer games

Publication of educational and training guides

Publication of printed matter, also in electronic form, except for advertising purposes

Publication of periodicals and books in electronic form

Publishing a newspaper for customers on the Internet

Publishing services for periodical and non-periodical publications, other than publicity texts

Writing and publishing of texts, other than publicity texts

Digital video, audio and multimedia entertainment publishing services

Publication of texts and images, including in electronic form, except for advertising purposes

Multimedia publishing of magazines, journals and newspapers

Publication of electronic books and periodicals on the Internet

Publication of online guide books, travel maps, city directories and listings for use by travellers, notdownloadable

Providing electronic publications from a global computer network or the Internet, not downloadable

Publication of audio books

Publication of newspapers, periodicals, catalogs and brochures

TV and radio presenter services

Publishing of interactive computer and video game software

Custom writing services for non-advertising purposes

Publishing and issuing scientific papers in relation to medical technology

Speech writing for non-advertising purposes

Publishing, reporting, and writing of texts

Education, entertainment and sport services

Arranging for students to participate in recreational activities

Animal exhibitions and training of animals

Cultural activities

Cultural and sporting activities

Sporting and cultural activities

Animated musical entertainment services

Arranging of visual entertainment

Adventure training for childrenArranging of air shows

Arranging of air display

Providing information o game players about the ranking of their scores of games through the web sites

Radio and television entertainment

Television and radio entertainment

Production of entertainment shows featuring dancers and singers

Radio and television entertainment services

Television and radio entertainment services

Provision of radio and television entertainment services

Production of radio and television shows and programmes

Production of radio and television programmes

Radio and television programmes

Production of radio programmes and of television programmes

Production of radio and television programs

Production of television and radio programming

Production of television and radio programs

Production of radio and of television programmes

Production of television and radio programmes

Theatrical performances both animated and live action

Operating of a discotheque

Caves for public admission

Electronic library services for the supply of electronic information in the form of text, audio and/or video information

Provision of children’s playgrounds at service stations

Hosting awards relating to television

Hosting awards

Information relating to entertainment, provided on-line from a computer database or the internet

Information and advisory services relating to entertainment

Providing entertainment information via a website

Providing cinema and theatre facilities

Entertainment agency services

Arranging of presentations for entertainment purposes

Entertainment services provided at nightclubs

Providing amusement facilities

Entertainment services provided at a race track

Showing of cinematographic and motion picture films

Master of ceremony services for parties and special events

Amusement arcades

Artistic direction of performing artists

Arranging of demonstrations for entertainment purposes

Organizing and presenting displays of entertainment relating to style and fashion

Entertainment services provided at a motor racing circuit

Audio-visual display presentation services for educational purposes

Arranging of beauty contests

Beauty contests

Organizing cultural and arts events

Arranging of presentations for cultural purposes

Audio entertainment services

Hosting awards relating to videos

Provision of facilities for outdoor recreational activities

Children’s adventure playground services

Amusement services


Artistic management of theatre shows

Auditioning for tv game shows

Telephone conversation services for amusement purposes

Entertainment, sporting and cultural activities

Organisation of group recreational activities

Arranging group recreational activities

Arranging the provision of recreation facilities

Summer camps

Providing facilities for recreational activities

Providing facilities for recreation activities

Advisory services relating to entertainment

Arranging of musical events

Musical events

Booking of performing artists for events

Amusement centre services

Amusement centers

Amusement centres

Provision of entertainment services through the media of audio tapes

Organizing and arranging exhibitions for entertainment purposes

Gallery services

Art gallery services

Booking of sports personalities for events

Organisation of recreational activities

Provision of information relating to entertainment online from a computer database of the Internet

Organisation of events for cultural, entertainment and sporting purposes

Audio-visual display presentations

Providing cultural activities

Providing information in the field of entertainment by means of a global computer network

Cabarets and discotheques

Providing recreational areas in the nature of play areas for children

Hosting awards relating to films

Animal shows

Entertainment services provided on-line from a computer database or the internet

Organizing community sporting and cultural events

Arranging of festivals for entertainment purposes

Providing gardens for public admission

Gardens for public admission

Provision of recreational activities

Organisation of entertainment and cultural events

Organising of audience participative games

Entertainment services provided at discotheques

Entertainment services provided at country clubs

Art gallery services provided on-line via a telecommunications link

Provision of amusement facilities

Education and instruction

Education and training

Educational and training services

Training and education services

Provision of rooms adapted for entertainment

Education and training services

Arranging of festivals for cultural purposes

Provision of recreational areas

Providing information relating to recreational activities

Services of a disk jockey

Holiday camp amusement centre services

Entertainment services performed by a musical group

Entertainment services provided by a musical group

Entertainment services provided by a music group

Air shows

Providing information, commentary and articles in the field of music via computer networks

Entertainment services provided by performing artists

Entertainment provided via a global communication network

Arranging and conducting of balls

Information about entertainment and entertainment events provided via online networks and the Internet

Provision of non-downloadable films and television programs via pay television

Organisation and conducting of balls

Provision of non-downloadable films and television programs via pay-per-view television channels

Organisation of automobile rallies, tours and racing events

Organisation of congresses and conferences for cultural and educational purposes

Arranging and conducting of meetings in the field of entertainment

Provision of entertainment information via television, broadband, wireless and on-line services

Organisation of conferences, exhibitions and competitions

Sports and fitness

Entertainment services in the nature of arranging social entertainment events

Arranging of pageants

Entertainment services provided during intervals at sports events

Audio-visual display presentation services for entertainment purposes

Educational services provided by schools

Services of schools

Arranging of contests

Animal exhibitions

Exhibiting of animals

Arranging contests

Animal exhibitions

Arranging of visual and musical entertainment

Auditioning for tv talent contests

Entertainment, education and instruction services

Organising and conducting lotteries

Arranging of cultural events

Providing recreational areas in the nature of play areas for pets

Education and instruction services

Sports and fitness services

Audio, video and multimedia production, and photography

TV and radio presenter services

Providing on-line non-downloadable audio content

Organisation and holding of fairs for cultural or educational purposes

Providing video entertainment via a website

Providing entertainment in the nature of film clips via a website

Organisation of entertainment activities for summer camps

Songwriting services for non-advertising purposes

Providing karaoke equipment

Conducting of cultural activities

Conducting of entertainment activities

Providing information about cultural activities

Arranging and conducting of entertainment events for charitable purposes

Education and training in the field of music and entertainment

Providing leisure and recreation facilities

Arranging and conducting of entertainment events

Arranging of entertainment shows

Providing performing arts theater facilities

Organisation and presentation of shows

Provision of performing arts theater facilities

Arranging and conducting of beauty contests

Arranging and conducting of entertainment events for charitable fundraising purposes

Organisation of educational activities for summer camps

Organisation of sports activities for summer camps

Organisation of cultural activities for summer camps

Arranging and conducting of cultural activities

Arranging and conducting of entertainment activities

Planning and conducting of parties

Arranging and conducting of wine tasting events for entertainment purposes

Provision of audio and visual media via communications networks

Provision of online information relating to audio and visual media

Entertainment services for sharing audio and video recordings

Entertainment services for matching users with audio and video recordings

Information relating to cultural activities

Mural art painting services

Accreditation of educational achievement

Accreditation of professional competency

Accreditation of educational services

Administration of amusement services

Administration of entertainment services

Administration of cultural activities

Administration of gaming services

Administration of gameshows

Rental services relating to equipment and facilities for education, entertainment, sports and culture

Artistic management of performing artists

Artistic management of theatres

Conducting of performing arts festival

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