Trademark Class 32: Beers; Non-alcoholic beverages water

What is trademark registration?

Trademark Registration can be defined as unique identity for Brands and companies or services to stand out from rest of other brand and companies. After trademark registered in India no other organization or company can use the same name or logo.

Registered Trademark provides rights to sue other who tries to copy the similar brand name or logo. Once any company or brand name registered in trademark though it becomes the intellectual property which can also be defined has intangible asset for company. Which helps in protecting the investment into creating the brand name, its loyalty and trust among customers.

What is trademark class?

A trademark classification is a tool wherein we can find our business falls into which class and services. Basically trademark classification is divided into 45 classes wherein class 1 to 34 is for manufacturer and 35 to 45 for service provider.

Short description of Trademark class 32

Beers; Non-alcoholic beverages; Mineral and aerated waters; Fruit beverages and fruit juices; Syrups and other non-alcoholic preparations for making beverages

Excluded in Trademark class 32

Chemical and organic compositions for use in the manufacture of food and beverages are in Trademark class 1. Food and beverage colorings are in Trademark class 2. Food for babies is in Trademark class 3. Food and beverage processing and preparation machines and apparatus is in Trademark class 7. Containers, and closures and holders therefor, non-metallic is in Trademark class 20. Kitchen and table linens is in Trademark class 24. Dairy products and dairy substitutes is in Trademark class 29. Ice, ice creams, frozen yogurts and sorbets is in Trademark class 30. Foodstuffs and fodder for animals is in Trademark class 31. Alcoholic beverages (except beer) are in Trademark class 33. Retail and wholesale services is in Trademark class 35. Packaging and storage of goods is in Trademark class 39. Food and beverage treatment is in Trademark class 40. Food and drink catering is in Trademark class 43.

Beer and brewery products

  • Coffee-flavored ale
  • De-alcoholized beer
  • Non-alcoholic beer
  • Alcohol-free beers
  • De-alcoholised beer
  • Non-alcoholic beers
  • Low alcohol beer
  • Low-alcohol beer
  • Ale
  • Ales
  • Kvass
  • Kvass
  • Non-alcoholic beer-flavored beverages
  • India pale ales
  • IPA
  • Pale ale

Non-alcoholic beverages

Flavoured carbonated beverages

  • Root beers, non-alcoholic beverages
  • Ginger ale
  • Carbonated non-alcoholic drinks
  • Non-alcoholic carbonated beverages
  • Aerated juices
  • Dry ginger ale
  • Non-alcoholic flavored carbonated beverages
  • Non-alcoholic soda beverages flavoured with tea


  • Non-alcoholic fruit drinks
  • Fruit juice beverages
  • Non-alcoholic fruit juice beverages
  • Fruit beverages
  • Fruit extracts
  • Non-alcoholic fruit extracts
  • Nectars, non-alcoholic
  • Fruit nectars, non-alcoholic
  • Smoothies
  • Aerated juices
  • Aloe vera juices
  • Apple juice drinks
  • Apple juice beverages
  • Aloe juice beverages
  • Non-alcoholic grape juice beverages
  • Non-alcoholic vegetable juice drinks
  • Smoothies containing grains and oats
  • Aerated fruit juices
  • Beverages consisting of a blend of fruit and vegetable juices
  • Fruit beverages and fruit juices
  • Fruit juice for use as beverages


  • Aerated waters
  • Aerated mineral waters
  • Aerated water
  • Aerated water
  • Preparations for making aerated water
  • Aerated water
  • Mineral and aerated waters
  • Coconut water as beverage
  • Coconut water as a beverage

Non-alcoholic preparations for making beverages

  • De-alcoholized drinks
  • Alcohol-free beverages
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Beverages
  • De-alcoholized drinks
  • Non-alcoholic drinks
  • Beer and brewery products
  • Preparation for making non-alcoholic beverages
  • Non-alcoholic preparations for making beverages

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