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What Is HSN Code?

 The full form of HSN stands for “Harmonized System of title”. HS Code which is known as HSN Code in India was developed by World Customs Organization (WCO) as a standardized system that classifies goods all over the world in a regular manner. In India, HSN Code has 4, 6 & 8- number outfit canons that classify further than 5000 products and are accepted worldwide.

 Why is the HSN law important?

 Being an internationally recognized standard, the first 6 integers of the HSN Code are the same for all the countries. But for further type countries have added more digits to their separate HS Code systems. For illustration, In India, we have an 4, 6 & 8 number type whereas the US uses HTS Canons known as Harmonized Tariff Schedule, which has a 10 number type.

Why the HSN law used is demanded?

 Since HSN Code is an internationally accepted standard for classifying products, that makes it a logical way of relating goods for both domestic and foreign trade. It can be used to gather data and understand foreign and domestic trade passing internally as well as outside the country in a much more effective manner. This will further help the government in deciding macroeconomic programs related to the trade of these goods.

 Who provides HSN Code?

Any changes or expression or addition of new canons in HSN Canons are carried out by DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade). Changes in product descriptions, removing defunct canons, the addition of new canons etc., are done periodically as a part of the ongoing process towards perfecting HSN Canons.

 How does the quest for HSN Code work?

 Search By Product Name Type the name of your product, you will get recommendations of the most applicable 4 number HSN Canons. Hit quest for all results if the recommendations do not contain the right HS law. Click on the 4 number law to get 6 and 8 number HS law details for import- import purposes, as well as the GST Rates.

Hunt by HSN Code Type the first 2 or first 4 integers of the HSN Code. Click on the asked result to get farther information about the HSN law.

 How to use HSN law using order List?

 We have distributed the list of HSN Canons into 23 broad sections under All orders. Navigate from this menu to the 2 number, 4 number, 6 & 8 number HSN Canons singly. Find GST rates of HSN Canons by clicking on 4 number law.

 Is HSN Code Mandatory?

 In exports, the ITC- HS Canons are obligatory. It’s obligatory to mention the 8 number HSN Code on the shipping bill, failing which the import benefits shall not accrue. In GST Registration still, HSN Canons are not obligatory for businesses with a development of lower than Rs1.5 cr or if the dealer is registered under the Composition Scheme of GST.

Chapter 1Live Animals, Bovine and Poultry
Chapter 2Meat and Edible Offal of Animals
Chapter 3Fish Meat and Filets
Chapter 4Eggs, Honey and Milk Products
Chapter 5Non Edible Animal Products
Chapter 6Live Trees and Plants
Chapter 7Vegetables
Chapter 8Organic products and Dry Fruits
Chapter 9Tea, Coffee and Spices
Chapter 10Palatable Grains
Chapter 11Processing Industry Products
Chapter 12Oil Seeds, Fruit and Part of Plants
Chapter 13Gums, Resins, Vegetable SAP and Extracts
Chapter 14Vegetable Material and Products
Chapter 15Fats, Oils and Waxes their Fractions
Chapter 16Protected/Prepared Food Items
Chapter 17Sugar, Jaggery, Honey and air pocket Gums
Chapter 18Chocolate and Cocoa Products
Chapter 19Pizza, Cake, Bread, Pasta and Waffles
Chapter 20Palatable Plants – Fruits, Nuts and Juices
Chapter 21Tea and Coffee Extract and Essence
Chapter 22Water – Mineral and Aerated
Chapter 23Flours, Meals and Pellets
Chapter 24Tobacco, Stemmed and Stripped
Chapter 25Salts and Sands
Chapter 26Mineral Ores and Slags
Chapter 27Non-renewable energy sources – Coal and Petroleum
Chapter 28Gases and Non Metals
Chapter 29Hydrocarbons – Cyclic and Acyclic
Chapter 30Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
Chapter 31Composts
Chapter 32Tanning and Coloring Products
Chapter 33Medicinal oils, Beauty Products
Chapter 34Cleansers, Waxes, Polish items
Chapter 35Casein, Albumin, Gelatin, Enzymes
Chapter 36Forces, Explosives, Fuses, Fireworks
Chapter 37Visual and Cinematographic Films
Chapter 38Insect sprays, Artificial Carbon and Graphite
Chapter 39Polymers, Polyethylene, Cellulose
Chapter 40Elastic, Plates, Belt, Condesnsed Milk
Chapter 41Crude stows away and Skins, Leather
Chapter 42Trunks, Suit-cases, Vanity cases
Chapter 43Crude Fur Skins, Articles of attire
Chapter 44Fuel wood, Wood Charcoal
Chapter 45Normal Cork, Shuttlecock Cork
Chapter 46Plaiting Materials, Basketwork
Chapter 47Mechanical and Chemical woodpulp
Chapter 48Newsprint, Uncoated paper and paperboard
Chapter 49Printed Books, Brochures, Newspapers
Chapter 50Silk Worm Coccon, Yarn, Waste and Woven Fabrics
Chapter 51Fleece materials and Waste, Animal Hairs
Chapter 52Cotton materials, Synthetics and Woven textures
Chapter 53Flex crude, Vegetable materials and Paper yarn
Chapter 54Manufactured felaments, Woven textures and Rayons
Chapter 55Manufactured felament tows and Polyster staple fiber
Chapter 56Towels, Napkins, ropes and Netting materials
Chapter 57Rugs and Floor covers material Handlooms
Chapter 58Marks, Bades, Woven heap and Chennile, Terry towelings
Chapter 59Rubberised material textures, Convayer belts
Chapter 60Pile,Wrap Knit,Tarry and Croched textures
Chapter 61Men and Women Clothing
Chapter 62Men and Women Jackets, Coats and Garments
Chapter 63Covers and Bedsheets
Chapter 64Shoes and Footwear Products
Chapter 65Caps and Accessories
Chapter 66Umbrellas and Accessories
Chapter 67Counterfeit blossoms, Wigs and False Beards
Chapter 68Amazing and Building Stones
Chapter 69Blocks, Blocks and Ceramics
Chapter 70Glasses, Mirrors, Flasks
Chapter 71Pearls, Diamonds, Gold, Platinum
Chapter 72Iron, Alloys, Scrap and Granules
Chapter 73Iron cylinder, heaps and Sheets
Chapter 74Copper Mattes, Rods, Bars, Wires, Plates
Chapter 75Nickel Mattes and Unwrought Nickel
Chapter 76Unwrought Aluminum-Rods, Sheets and Profiles
Chapter 78Unwrought Lead – Rods, Sheets and Profiles
Chapter 79Unwrought Zinc – Rods, Sheets and Profiles
Chapter 80Unwrought Tin – Rods, Sheets and Profiles
Chapter 81Magnesium, Cobalt, Tungsten Articles
Chapter 82Hand Tools and Cutlery
Chapter 83Locks, Metal Mountings and Fittings
Chapter 84Modern Machinery
Chapter 85Electrical Parts and Electronics
Chapter 86Railroad Locomotives and Parts
Chapter 87Farm haulers and Motor Vehicles
Chapter 88Inflatables, Parachutes and Airlift Gear
Chapter 89Journey Ships and Boats
Chapter 90Clinical, Chemical and Astronomy
Chapter 91Watches and Clocks
Chapter 92Instruments
Chapter 93Military Weapons and guns
Chapter 94Furniture, Bedding and lighting
Chapter 95Youngsters Toys, Table and Board Games and Sports Goods
Chapter 96Pencil Lighter Toiletries
Chapter 97Canvases Decoratives Sculptures
Chapter 98Hardware Lab Chemicals Drugs Medicines
Chapter 99Administrations


 A new duty system is also, and everyone is asking questions. Still, too, have uncertainties regarding the Goods and Services Tax, If you. Hunt affiliated terms of your question in the quest box also Your Hunt Result will appear below-

 Still, you can write to our support team at support@setupfilings.com, if your query isn’t answered.

 1. Would an ISD bear to gain registration for each state?

Answer: Input Service Distributor is demanded to gain obligatory registration under GST in a state or Union home from where he makes a taxable force of goods or services or both. thus, he is not demanded to gain registration in the State/ Union home to where he is distributing the credit.

2. Supplies to Export acquainted Unit whether it’s needs to be reckoned as Deemed Export or Zero rated force?

Answer: Only supplies made to SEZ has been notified as Zero rated force. supplies to EOU has not been notified under Zero rated force so it shall be treated as normal taxable supplies.

My client is a manufacturer of some SGST and CGST applicable?

 Answer: 1. ITC in case of stock held as on 30th june, 2017 can be claimed by filing Form Tran- 1 wherein all the details of ITC and stock shall be disclosed. After form of Form Tran- 1 the electronic credit census shall be credited. The said ITC shall be employed at the time of form of GSTR- 3.

 2. Since the goods are entered in Chhattisgarh so the place of force shall be Chhattisgarh therefore it shall be treated as an interstate force and IGST shall be charged.

4. What is difference between Works Contract or Mixed force?

Answer:  factory contract means a contract for structure, construction, fabrication, completion, construction, installation, fitting out, improvement, modification, form, conservation, addition, modification or commissioning of any unmovable property wherein transfer of property in goods (whether as goods or in some other form) is involved in the execution of analogous contract.

Further, mixed force means two or further individual supplies of goods or services, or any combination thereof, made in convergence with each other by a taxable person for a single price where analogous force does not constitute a emulsion force. Illustration. A force of a package conforming of canned foods, sweets, chocolates, galettes, dry fruits, aerated drinks and fruit authorities when supplied for a single price is a mixed force. Each of these particulars can be supplied singly and is not dependent on any other. It shall not be a mixed force if these particulars are supplied singly.

5. Company A manufactures fertilizers and B is the agent. B receives 1 Metric Ton (MT) from A priced at 1 lakh. B sells the same to end guests for a total consideration of., 000 is the commission B is getting also. So, the questions are 1. What will be the total development, WHY?

Answer: 10, 000, If it’s 2. The aggregate development of A shall be taken as Rs. because aggregate development includes all supplies made by the person, whether on his own account or made on behalf of his agent. thus, the development of agent will be included in the development of star.

6. I have Hand basket credit on my ending stock of goods. Can I claim it as refund in my or can I carry it forward and set it off against my forthcoming GST liability?

 Answer: Handbasket credit can be claimed by you in respect of closing stock held as on 30th June. For claiming the same you are demanded to file Form Tran- 1. You can claim 100 of the Hand basket credit handed you have filed all the returns demanded under the being law for the period of six months directly preexisting the appointed date.

 I am an exporter of service and the service is fully pure from duty but I am paying GST on input service. Can I claim refund of input duty credit.

 In case of import, duty paid on the input service can be claimed as refund under GST.

If a person only deals in exempted product having their own brand also does it bear registration

 If a person only deals in exempted supplies and no taxable supplies also no registration is demanded to be attained.

 7. What if a person sells hispre- possessed bus of Rs. 25 lacs to a dealer of alternate hand motorcars, will he be covered under casual taxable person and does he needs to deposit the duty?

 Answer: The trade of bus will be treated as force under GST and accordingly registration is required. However, also you can take registration as a casual taxable person, If you are not engaged in any other supplies. The registration of casual taxable person will be valid for the period of 90 days only.

8. In GST only the Radio hack or passenger transport services handed through electronic commerce motorist are under RCM. So what about Rent-a-cab services handed by a person other than electronic commerce motorist? What is GST rate and HSN law?

 Answer: Still, also hinder charge is not applicable in this case and the supplier i, Ife- commerce is not involved in the transportation ofpassengerservice.e. the person who is supplying the renting of hack service is demanded to pay GST accordingly. Further, GST rate in case of Renting of motorcab is 5 with no ITC is applicable.

 9. Is composition dealer liable to pay hinder charge in addition to fixed chance of normal GST that he has to pay?

Answer: If hinder charge is applicable on a particular force also the composition dealer has to pay GST under hinder charge as a philanthropist of force at normal GST rates as applicable.

10. Whether Agent or brokers need to compulsorily register GST or limit of 20 lakhs is applicable for them?

 Answer: Under GST, registration is obligatory for persons who make taxable supplies on behalf of other persons as an agent. thus, you are compulsorily demanded to gain registration under GST irrespective of your development. It means that if an agent is making a taxable force on the behalf of his star, also he is compulsorily demanded to gain registration under GST indeed if his development is lower thanRs. 20 lakhs. thus, if you work as an agent, also registration under GST is mandatorily demanded.

11. If an association is collecting monthly subscription of Rs. less than 5000 pm per member but the aggregate development is farther than Rs. 20 lakhs whether GST is applicable. Whether GST applicable on sinking fund, corpus fund and recovery of pipelined gas charges from dwellers on the base of meter readings?

 Answer: Under GST governance, indeed if the payment of charges upto Rs. 5000 are pure under GST, but still the exempted supplies will be covered for calculating the aggregate development. thus, registration under GST will be demanded and the payment upto Rs. 5000 shall be pure under GST. Further, if the charges are collected in the capacity of pure agent, also no GST shall be livable, differently; GST shall be outstanding in this case.

12. We give import services. We need to issue duty tab to customer or bill of force?

 Answer: Exports are classified as zero- rated supplies under GST. These are not exempted services therefore duty tab is demanded to be issued in case of import of services.

 13. In case of transfer of business as a going concern, what will be to input duty credit in the books of transferor? Will it be treated as force and GST charged on force of means and stock or will it be transferred without charging any GST?

 Answer: In case of transfer of business, input duty credit which remains unutilized in the electronic credit census of the the transferor shall be transferred in the electronic credit census of the transferee. Tranfer of means shall be treated as force and GST shall be levied on it.

14. Is GST applicable for the person whose is vegetable commision agent?

 Answer: The services handed by a commission agent for trade or purchase of agricultural yield are pure under GST therefore no registration is demanded to be attained.

 15. Can we use former month ITC of hinder charge to discharge the liability of current month under hinder charge?

 Answer: For the payment of impositions under hinder charge, ITC can’t be claimed. thus, hinder charge liability is demanded to be deposited through electronic cash census only. Further, the amount of impositions paid under hinder charge can be employed to pay the affair duty liability of the coming month under normal charge.

16. GST outstanding on GTA will be@ 5 on full consideration charged. Whether the GST so paid under RCM is eligible for Input Tax Credit. In case of Manpower force & security force under the GST whether RCM is applicable?

Answer: 1) The Input credit of the amount paid under RCM for transportation service entered from GTA can be taken. 2) Manpower force and security service are not under Rear Charge but outstanding by service provider.

 17. We are into trading of Band saw blades. Bought from Noida, & sold in Gujarat, having a truly low turnover (lower than 10 lakh) Pls suggest if form CMP 01 is applicable to our business?

 Answer: Form CMP- 01 is for concluding Composition scheme. Composition scheme can be decided only if the development is below 75 lakhs and the supplier is making only intra- state force. In case of inter- state force and force through e- commerce motorist composition scheme isn’t available. still, also you can conclude for composition scheme, If you are registered in Gujarat and supplying only in Gujarat.

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